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Can Americans now collect federal rent Checks

“Federal Rent Checks” . I’m sure some readers start drooling as soon as they read the intro. Under an IRS order, millions of Americans can now gather: “FEDERAL RENT CHECKS”. “You previously know that it’s your tax dollars paying for each building and facility being used. “Around the succeeding week of every month, some Americans… Read More »

What the heck is 26(F) Program?

Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Report is sending out a new ad well, not so new as they would like us to believe. As usual the ad runs through a series of stories of people who made huge sums of money by investing in what they call as 26(f) Programs. Although Keith Fitz-Gerald brags about,… Read More »

What is neural imprinting?

The term “neural imprinting“may sound like it has been taken from the pages of an enthralling fiction novel,discussions of its legitimacy and whether or not it is a realistic means of effective pain relief, is worth debating. But right now the most dominant of companies and investors in the world are rushing to fund Neural… Read More »