Can Americans now collect federal rent Checks

By | October 30, 2018

“Federal Rent Checks” . I’m sure some readers start drooling as soon as they read the intro. Under an IRS order, millions of Americans can now gather: “FEDERAL RENT CHECKS”.

“You previously know that it’s your tax dollars paying for each building and facility being used.

“Around the succeeding week of every month, some Americans are receiving an wrapper in the packages with $1,795 in it. We found others collecting over $3,000 and $5,000 every month.

These checks are takings on your savings, in attractive much every case… as is said so often it at times gets disregarded, “it takes funds to make funds.” The individual who collects the most rent is the individual who owns the largest lump of the structure.

Still, we consider, those checks… maybe they’re really “bulky?” What does “bulky” mean, anyway?

They illustrate dozens of happy photos of individuals who are collecting these checks, in amounts ranging from about $2,000 a month to well over $100,000 .

And they restate a lot of the wiles that are over and over again ended about the unusual “checks” you can accept if you only join this circular and “sign up” … how it’s better than Social Security because there are “no precincts” on who can “sign up


Naturally, like any other dealing, when the government needs more workplace autonomy they have to rent it — they do sporadically buy buildings, but further habitually the government does what it does all the time… rent in its place of buy, since that makes the contemporary financials look superior.

It’s just as easy as you’re imagining: You buy shares of a Real Estate venture Trust that owns government buildings, then collect your dividends.

Actually, the only thing that has in reality tainted in modern years is the split worth — in the past three existence the price of GOV has dropped 20%, and the price of DEA has risen 30%. GOV pays a very lofty bonus but has not been able to raise the dividend in many years, and DEA pays a lower but rising payment, so the total return has been optimistic for both — GOV has returned 35% in three years as well as the dividend, DEA 87%.

And some very elegant Americans have concealed an investment that allows them to tap into a large portion of it.

Their reward: a hefty monthly check.

Which is why we like to refer to them as “Federal Rent Checks.”




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