What the heck is 26(F) Program?

By | March 22, 2017

Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Report is sending out a new ad well, not so new as they would like us to believe. As usual the ad runs through a series of stories of people who made huge sums of money by investing in what they call as 26(f) Programs.

Although Keith Fitz-Gerald brags about, and runs an a overly hyped up story , of Roy Nash’s successes in making a formidable fortune. CNN Money runs a series of such stories on their website I stumbled upon this story while researching this write up.

As is expected of a newsletter vendor the stories he outlines for us, are of dreams achieved by investing their  moneys in 26(F) Program –  whilst contrary to, this  quite obviously a consistent approach of savings of ones earnings over a period of a lifetime. In contrast to what they would like us to believe, these kind of returns couldn’t be expected from a secret investment its sheer common sense. The only secret is consistency in savings thus far your investments that get compounded and added up to the retirement basket.

As Money Map Report folks are inundating your mail boxes,  here are some of the quotes derived directly  from the ad that blubbers continuously to get your attention.

By “enrolling” in these 26(f) programs, investors have the opportunity to add some of the most well-known publicly traded companies to their portfolios.
These companies are in booming industries like:

The advertisement progresses  further  to take you back into apprehension of your financial future. As they talk about ways you should probably make to avoid the possibility of being left out from their so called  retirement blackout.

The one action they apparently ask you to take right now is to subscribe to their newsletter but, you will need to shell out $ 40 first, just to know what they suggest

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