What is the stock that Manny Backus screaming a must buy for getting triple digit returns

By | October 6, 2015

Come along me as I we will try to decode this teaser ad for the ‘Triple Digit Returns’ newsletter. As a norm the ad tends to talk big about the unusual gains – just to scrape around over your natural gluttony for the riches.

Well, this pitch is a bit off-track – unlike the ads that scare you with stories of End of America, a failing Fed which is bound to pull the economy down and the looming Currency Crises – this one is a little different in that sense. Such a hype talk inundated at your mail boxes have a tendency to die over soon.

So let’s look for the stock that Backus is hyping that could perhaps bring you the promised riches. The highly obfuscated amphigory has a few probable candidates to this riposte let’s see how it fares with you dear readers.

But before that a few quotes from the ad.

Over 100 years ago, in the wilderness of Colorado Springs, a scientist created an electrical storm that would change the world.
Lightning bolts peeled through the sky, showering the small town in light.
People hid themselves… and for good reason….
At the time there was incredible confusion.
Today, we understand that it was the result of a year-long experiment conducted by none other than the ‘madman’ Nikola Tesla.
We also understand that the principles he uncovered that night in Colorado Springs could now put 1,483% in the pockets of early investors.

Quite obviously the dream talk is about wireless electricity more so because Nikola Tesla’s name has been called for. Tesla by the way was an innovator in the fields of electrical engineering and telephony and the ad here talks about the ill-fated Wardenclyffe Tower for those of you who are intrigued here’s the link.

Nikola Tesla nurtured the idea of wireless electricity he envisioned a world without wires and ugly poles for electrical energy transmission. Of course wireless charging your mobile phone is a sexy idea yet. And there are so many usages for the idea ranging from your widely used electronic gadgets to car batteries and the boat batteries.

However that’s a quite an interesting chapter in this realm. You might have witnessed a trend of wireless chargers for your mobile phones coming up in the recent past in Airports, and Starbucks coffee shops, they are built into the office furniture with a special anchorage for your phone. And your mobile phone receives a charge from either a direct connection or through a very short distance Near Field Communications type wireless connection.

I hope I haven’t dragged you into my own blabber, so let’s quickly get on with the task of untangling Manny Backus’s ‘Triple Digit Returns teaser ad. I must say the idea is gaining some impetus but macro view is – it’s a still in the lab idea. It’s too early to say that it has taken off, though Samsung has adopted this for its recent versions of their higher end phones.

Apple seems to be working on its own wireless charging ideas, but I am sure isn’t yet serious about it. Since I have identified a very reluctant attitude for adoption of the technology from the device manufacturers there might be glitches that I am not able to sense.

But wireless charging – by just placing the device on the charging pads is more convenient than wrestling with someone for a plugging in your device in a crowded outlet.

Please bear with me a little more, while I continue to be tied up in pursuit of solutions to this teaser pitch.


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