Stock Revealed ! Bill Patalon’s “Miracle on Mount Ararat”

By | October 15, 2015

I have been closely pondering over at what Bill Patalon is chattering about – the lurking health crisis for us, in his teaser ad for peddling a stock he thinks will make you a fortune. And also at the brewing health hazard in America.

So let’s quickly move on with a few quotes from the ad.

According to the CDC, 33% of the country now has an MDR Pathogen precursor lurking inside them. That means…
If you were to walk into a restaurant, mall, or airport and look at the person standing to your left and right one of you could suffer an MDR Pathogen attack, at any moment, without warning.
And chances are none of you are showing a single symptom… yet.
I’ve investigated this dangerous situation, and I’m going to share with you everything I’ve uncovered.
Because already, deadly MDR Pathogen outbreaks have been reported in 41 states…

Although resistance to antibiotics is irksome to the medical advances we have achieved this far, and this might be precursor to our dependence on antibiotics – that we need to do more research and an enhanced outlook for the skulking danger. Well, might be I am not sure as it’s out of my trivial range of understanding medicine.

But I am sure it’s not going to be as frightening as 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that struck the world as supposed by Bill Patalon. Check out CDC web page for a better understanding of the threat, though I sense there’s some degree of concern.

Do the math you will know it’s not as alarming as Bill Palaton wants you to believe, however it’s worth taking precautions if you are prone to such drug resistance. On a careful note the math for casualties isn’t as startling on the Antimicrobial Resistance web page.

Rather I would say I don’t subscribe to the idea that a pandemic of the size of 1918 Spanish Flu is going to occur any time soon given the preparedness we already have to face such obstreperous situations. However the scaring tune of the ad is undoubtedly debatable take a look.

In 2011, an MDR Pathogen was activated inside a 43-year-old woman in New York City, who had been an unknowing carrier.
Her infection was so severe that doctors didn’t have strong enough medicine to save her.
So they immediately transferred her to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) outside of Washington D.C.
When she arrived at the NIH, doctors quickly diagnosed the presence of an MDR Pathogen and placed her in ‘enhanced contact isolation.’
Hospital staff took extreme precaution to wash and sanitize anything that was near the patient.
And they disposed of all gowns and gloves after they were in the isolation area.
After four weeks of treatment, the patient recovered and she went back home to New York.
It was an apparent victory over the MDR Pathogen.

This is not a new subject, of course, though a definite treatment for MDR Pathogens remains to grow in importance as harmful bacteria evolve to dodge our antibiotic remedies. One of the scary events the ad seems to talk about is the story of NIH facility in Bethesda that was in the headlines in 2011.

Quite understandably the ad seems to be trying to scare us into buying the newsletter. But the principal argument – what has Mount Ararat to do with all the chatter and the stock that is going to make you rich?

To know of the underlying stock some more clues from the ad please.

A team of prominent doctors with specialized training from MIT, Harvard, and Yale believe they’ve uncovered a medical miracle.
The cure that could stop a pandemic has been found in the soil of Mount Ararat….
It has already been transformed into an emergency treatment that saved 82 lives in Detroit, stopping a potential citywide MDR Pathogen outbreak.

Heck a bit of Google’ing reveals that it was indeed Eli Lilly the pharmacist founder of Eli Lilly and Company and his search to look for new bacterial samples led him to Mount of Ararat in Turkey. I am sure Mount Ararat doesn’t have anything to do with the new antibiotic perhaps it’s just an eye catching misnomer.

A few more clues…

This Mount Ararat microbe has a tiny tail that it can insert into the membrane of the MDR Pathogen without fully entering the cell. Without setting off its internal alarms….
That makes this Mount Ararat microbe the perfect delivery vehicle for a quick-acting antibiotic that can slip into these superbug cells and eliminate them.
So hiding inside the soil of one of the holiest places on the planet is the secret to safely outsmarting the MDR Pathogen.
The team that acquired the rights to this Mount Ararat microbe founded a small biotech firm.

But that isn’t anything new in fact it’s an old story the invention of antibiotic daptomycin is at the helm and yes its trade name is Cubicin manufactured by Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Daptomycin by the way was developed first by Eli Lilly with the samples picked up somewhere near Mount Ararat about thirty years ago and interestingly Cubist Pharmaceuticals is acquired by Merck Pharma now.

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