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By | October 7, 2015

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Perhaps Starbucks coffee shops or any public charging station would be apt to provide charging stations compatible for all makes, and all versions of phones, thus making it prerequisite for all the device manufacturers to come to a common standard for all versions of their phones.

You couldn’t really expect charging stations to offer an assortment of versions of chargers for their customers. Well, this means the idea is still very much in a state of a mess. I would rather say it’s very early for wireless power to come into our daily lives.

I may be wide of the mark here… but I think extensive use of any wireless charging device for anything other than your mobile phones must at least be a decade away. And also wireless charging is far less efficient than wired connections for effective power transfer. To make matters worse there are safety concerns as well.

So what the heck is Manny Backus teasing in his ad that could possibly make us rich?

Let’s ponder over some more clues in the ad.

Right now, the small company that’s currently behind this global transformation trades at around $6. Based on past discoveries, and past performance, I see it hitting $95 by this time next year.
That’s a 1,483% gain in 12 months.

As I said in the beginning of this review – it’s a very thickly veiled teaser ad that hasn’t much to offer in terms of clues. While there’s actually one close match in the wireless charging arena to the $6 numeral. And the other number of likely 1483% gain is a bit nonsensical; I think I have already covered this in my previous review relating to Midas Supergroup.

So it might be Energous WATT I am not 100% sure about this, it has been a favorite stock among newsletter vendors even so WATT has been touted before by Nick Hodge. There’s more on the Energous website if you are seriously considering an investment in the wireless charging arena.

It’s outside the realm of this write up to discuss Energous WATT yet again as an investment prospect. Henceforth if you want to know my thoughts on the stock you could see them here on this page.

Though I remain cynical at the prospects of wireless transmission of electricity Energous is a fantastic stock if their chips are designed into finished products and if they are able to get their transmitters approved by FCC. It makes little difference if the stock is $6, 7 or 10.

Do your own research. I suggest it as a risky investment prospect unless you could invest funds you are happy to lose. If you have your own musings on wireless charging do share them with our readers through the little comment box below.

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