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By | September 23, 2015

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Okay so here’s my take on the Canadian Investment Dyson is touting as an intersection of safety and the potential to skyrocket in value. Well, that pretty much rests on on how you define safety for an investment proposal.
A few more quotes.

First, this company is safe. It has $365 million in spare cash. It has no debt. And the people running the company own about 70% of the stock.
…. It’s trading right now for pennies on the dollar… around $2 per share. With a nice dividend yield of 5.7%.

I must say that Dyson is in essence correct in justifying his assertions in the ad, as my investigations on the ad reveal – and more so if he is indeed touting Sprott Asset Management as an investment play. And Dyson’s claims in the teaser ad nearly match up with Sprott Inc.’s financials here’s the link for those of you who are interested.

Sprott Asset Management by the way had bought Rick Rule’s US-based commodities investment company which is headed by Rick Rule and folks at Agora Publishing hold him in high esteem and  further more Rick Rule has certainly been in the good books of all Agora Publications they have been featured in their market commentaries as well.

And Eric Sprott is well known among investment circles for his insights in mining and a leaning towards commodities businesses with characteristic focus on Gold and Silver that is accessible mainly to Canadian investors. Sprott Inc. was a favorite stock in 2011 Bull Run as the commodities focused businesses were thriving then it’s a dream team eventually. Asset managers like Sprott make fortunes by managing assets based on their performance.

So Dyson is basically counting on the commodities focused businesses making reappearance on the market that is pretty much evident from his continual teaser ads for commodities focused businesses. Seem well on way to catch on resource stocks that are near the bottom while having a limited downside risk. Even though it’s best to buy them on a Canadian Exchange as a result you end up with Canadian Dollar rather than US Dollar.

Sprott Inc. should perform very well in a scenario where gold silver and other resource stocks make a comeback. And if that doesn’t happen they have plenty of cash to pay their stake holders.

If you have any of your own musings on Sprott Inc. or if you think Dyson is touting some other investment play for the Income for Life teaser ad do share them with us through the little comment box below.

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