What’s Tom Dyson’s Canadian “Mint investment that can Multiply Your Money 10X”…

By | September 21, 2015

I think it has been a while since I have covered Palm Beach Letter’s sales pitches I thought it’s due a long since. What better to talk about it as now they seem to be getting on with a new ad?

Yes they call it Canadian Mint Investment that can multiply your money ten times I must tell you it doesn’t have anything to do with Royal Canadian Mint that most of you know of; however it’s just an iteration of their earlier sales pitches pertaining to what they mysteriously call as secret 770 accounts.

I am sure most of you have heard this one so far as they have been touting this for a couple of years now. They consider it the only way to protect your wealth against inflation and market adversities. I have already covered  Secret 770 plans and more about it here on this page.

It’s primarily their Income for Life bundle – as you know any enticement for multiplication of Money ten times over has to get my readers intrigued and leaves them clamoring for answers henceforth Google’ing their way to my thoughts on the Canadian Mint.

So that brings me in to decipher – what’s it a stock or something bizarre?

Let’s ponder over some of the blather.

It’s about a unique gold play developing in Canada. One caught at the intersection of safety and the potential to skyrocket in value.
How high?
A 1,000% return over time.
First, this company is safe. It has $365 million in spare cash. It has no debt. And the people running the company own about 70% of the stock it’s trading right now for pennies on the dollar… around $2 per share with a nice dividend yield of 5.7%.

That’s sufficient a clue that the newsletter is referring to investment in Gold a Canadian play obviously – I can at least rule out that it isn’t a stock or a royalty company let alone Royal Canadian Mint as most of you would have guessed by now. What is it then?

Some more clues please.

I discovered this company in the office of one of Canada’s 100 richest citizens—a man worth more than a billion dollars….
An important trend most investors are ignoring could ignite this $2 stock.
If we begin to see the effects of flashpoint No. 3 (rampant inflation), gold-related investments are the perfect safety hedges…
And the ‘Canadian Mint’ is perhaps the best way to play gold today.

Owing to the clues outlined in the ad and as Tom Dyson is so vociferous in calling it a high yielding safe Canadian play it might have substantial leverage in its financials and Dyson is known to back his teaser ads with real numbers even if they don’t melt down to any real benefit for you. Even though I have some wild guesses about the most likely candidates to the hints outlined in the teaser ad.

I am pretty sure he is talking about asset managers here as they do have very low overhead costs to service their clients managing 1 billion dollars of clients’ money and 2 billion dollars is the same with the operating costs even as the revenue doubles. Asset management is unquestionably a great business for folks with the right acumen.

The pursuit for answers to this teaser ad continue to engage me and this would be the gist of my next write up so wait with your fingers crossed for my take on this until then – Happy Investing.


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