Reviewing Keith Kohl’s “Buffett’s $44 Billion Bakken Bomb” teaser ad

By | July 7, 2015

How the biggest buy in Berkshire Hathaway’s storied history completely (and violently) backfired…
Leaving you with the chance to play the trend Buffett didn’t see coming for $738 per week….
On November 3, 2009, Mr. Contrarian himself announced that Berkshire Hathaway had acquired the BNSF railroad for the extraordinary sum of $44 billion.
He was so bullish on this play that he even told Charlie Rose he thought it would bolster portfolios for the next 200 years….
What the world’s greatest investor couldn’t have known was that he was essentially writing his own financial death sentence….

That’s the intro of Keith Kohl’s spiel touting for his “High Yield Energy Report”. As you are aware it has come to be a custom, the copywriters call the great investor Warren Buffet’s name and a pertinent story attached with it just to get your attention and it’s always successful – records prove it.

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The ad gets your attention when it quietly gossips that Warren Buffet is bribing the president. Well, that’s just a political oriented conspiracy theory to get you tangled with their ad, and that’s their tactic to make sure their ad isn’t ignored. You either cheer or scream the marketing goal is met.

And it’s certainly not a trend that benefits pipeline companies. So that doesn’t necessarily mean the stock they are touting isn’t worth it simply means you have to exercise due diligence at separating the hype talk from reality.

Perhaps that’s the idea that lives underneath this article here’s more of the inducement…

Buffett would be found scrambling (even involving Obama in the matter) to correct what would turn out to be the biggest blunder of his storied career.
Best part is… it’s a blunder that could end up making you $738 per week if you play the situation correctly.

There’s a conspiracy theory linking the president Obama who accepted bribes from Warren Buffet for stalling Keystone XL Pipeline and it has been doing rounds in the investment circles since long. The Keystone XL Pipeline being a direct competitor for transporting crude oil touches

Warren Buffet’s investments in BNSF and the copywriter of the ad relates this to pipeline companies he thinks would greatly benefit, that’s the connection. Selling doom and gloom quite usually works.

However Keith Kohl thinks that Berkshire’s BNSF was the biggest blunder ever made by Buffet and pipelines would benefit as the news of explosion of crude laden Tanker Cars because of the risk of transportation of crude oil by tanker cars. So also we have recently witnessed a CSX train explosion in West Virginia.  I stumbled upon this article while researching this review it’s an interesting read for those of you who want to know more here’s the link.

I hope I haven’t gone astray so what we were talking about – oh yes Keith Kohl’s hype talk about pipeline companies that would benefit from the incompetence of tanker cars for transporting crude oil, while I think tanker cars incompetence would greatly fuel pipeline companies. And after the poorly associated foofaraw the point of the ad is – you should buy into pipeline companies Kohl is peddling.

Given the name of the newsletter High Yield Energy Report I am sure it must be an MLP. What are those – and that would be the gist of my next write up. Until then keep your fingers crossed.

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