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By | July 15, 2015

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And the other two stocks – a few more hints into the ad…

This nimble, under-the-radar American firm is a leader in innovative power generation on all scales.
To the biggest manufacturing plant, via the conventional electricity grid…
This firm does it all. Altogether, they’ve got generating assets of over 50,000 megawatts – enough to power over 40 million homes.
Currently, they provide several million residential, business, commercial, and industrial customers with power from multiple sources…
Including conventional (coal and oil), nat-gas, nuclear, thermal, wind, and more.
Their real specialty, however, is solar power.
At the time I’m writing this, they produce 1,200 megawatts of utility-scale solar – around 2.3% of their total generating capacity

The hints in the ad appear to be a Chinese manufacturer that has a very large power generation capacity which has enough power for millions of homes and of course solar power is a small fraction of it. That said this has to be a pretty diversified business which has only about 2.3% of their generation capacity from solar energy.

I am pretty sure this must be NRG Energy (NRG) spun off to offer an improved yield of about 3.5% on their yielding assets, and they have around this percentage of generating capacity and a consistent dividend payer while they also have an electric car charging grid as well.
So of late they haven’t performed quite well on the markets. I stumbled upon this article while researching this write up on Seeking Alpha, for those of you who want to know more it’s a good read… NRG Energy (NRG). Although the oil price volatility and sinking gas prices have taken a toll on NRG Energy’s financial they seem to have a moat.

As solar forms a very minuscule part of their business I am not very sure how this translates to benefit NRE Energy as Kent Moor believes I find this pick isn’t as convincing.

And what’s the other stock Dr.  Kent Moor is touting – a few more clues

Unlike today’s antiquated grids, in which electricity flows only one way – from generation point to consumer…
The ‘smart grid’ of the future will need the ability to feed electricity back into the grid from millions of private generation points as solar power takes over.
It’ll also need the ability to juggle electricity from a myriad of sources – coal, gas, oil, wind, solar, nuke, hydro, thermal, steam, etc…
And efficiently modulate it for use during periods of wildly fluctuating demand….

Well, this sounds to be, and the best match to the clues is Woodward Governor Company, more commonly known as Woodward (WWD) this is a very small player with a market cap of around $ 3 billion and this seems to be on a growth trajectory as well trading in the range of $ 54 while writing this.

And they have a presence in an assortment of energy control systems while they specialize in energy distribution space  it seems stock gurus have put in high growth expectations from WWD if this materializes the current valuation is pretty decent given their above par performance relating to the gross margins albeit in a very competitive environment.

Who according to you is the winner stock in the current Oil Massacre...

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And this seems to be an interesting pick for those of you who are into enhanced research here’s a hotchpotch of Woodward Governor Company. Do your own research before you take a plunge as it is your money at stake. If you have any of your own reflections on the Space Energy realm do share them with our readers we would love to hear from you.

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