Revealed “Space Energy” stocks teaser ad by Dr. Kent Moors

By | July 12, 2015

I thought I must write about the most enquired topics of this week and the one that has been most discussed and intriguing among my readers is the space energy stocks teaser ad emanating from the Energy Inner Circle newsletter, and obviously it’s all about solar stocks that Dr. Kent Moors thinks would greatly benefit from the impending Energy Demand.

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Moor’s goes on to say that it’s an end of Oil boom and ironically this quickly reminds me about his recent call a couple of months ago concerning oil price as he said the decline in the oil prices has come to an end and it’s time to get into oil related investments.

I wonder how he manages such a hectic schedule meeting up all the major oil executives in Saudi and teach while dishing out stuff for his Energy Inner Circle newsletter.Well, it simply doesn’t add up.

Anyway he says he got three companies stocks that could make you a fortune in this global shift to solar energy – unlike anything from the time when the world has witnessed energy from oil.

So what are those stocks but before that let’s get a taste of his ad-ology.
As he lures you to potential huge gains as this shift takes on…

•     In efficient integration of solar into the electricity grid…
•     In specialized adaptive solar grid infrastructure…
•     In new energy storage and portability technologies…
•    In powerful solar “micro grids” for the military and for remote applications…
•     In conversion-to-AC and transmission technologies…

And there’s a lot more of the babble in the unrelenting ad before he finally gets into the specifics and the stocks he seems to be hyping in the – ad a few more clues please…

China produces 70% of the world’s solar modules…
And I consider THIS Company to be the best of the more than 400 Chinese PV solar companies currently in business.
That’s because they’re one of the few vertically integrated PV manufacturers in the entire People’s Republic….
But even more so because of their ability to buy up their smaller, less financially sound competitors….
This ‘Standard Oil of PV” company is going to be one of them – a BIG one… they’ve already started scooping up a number of their smaller, financially distressed competitors in anticipation of this consolidation.

Well, here we have a clue that the stock being puffed up in the blabber is a Chinese stock, while there are so many Chinese players in solar cell production realm who are vertically integrated and on an acquisition spree and they trade on US stock exchanges as well.

So who’s that although the clue is highly broad-based a bit of Google’ing  and hints to the clues outlined in the ad reveals that it might be Jinko Solar (JKS) or Trina Solar TSL if I am left to guess it’s Jinko Solar as it has significantly gained more than 50% to be precise this year alone. Be aware of Chinese stocks as they have dubious accounting practices and they do most of their business within their own companies and also it’s quite a challenge to be in a competitive environment, at the same time I agree that the demand for clean energy is in the offing.

You could check into this link about Solar Stocks I find this an interesting read, do your own research and act with diligence before you actually take the plunge.

So JKS seems to be my best guess anyways it has to be your call as it is your money at stake.

Space Energy Stocks

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One thought on “Revealed “Space Energy” stocks teaser ad by Dr. Kent Moors

  1. Glauco Frizzera

    I do not know whether “Dr.” Moors is a fraud (as WSO asks), but in the case of LNCGY, whose stock I bought because of a massive barrage of good news he offered in its favor, he is clearly an incompetent fool.

    The stock’s value went down and down…. and died. Wikipedia explains: “On 16 April 2016 the company was placed into voluntary administration [26] with some claims in the media this has been done to avoid fines from the Queensland Government [26] PPB Advisory has been appointed as the administrator.[27] On 13 May 2016 the administrators announced that in their opinion the company should be liquidated.[28]. At the second creditors meeting on 23 May 2016 the unanimous vote was for the company to be liquidated.[29]”

    Congratulations, “Dr.” !!! And to all investors: BEWARE!


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