Here’s another ad spiel by Louis Navellier pitching wireless electricity. Stock Revealed!

By | July 19, 2015

Well, the copywriters seem to have developed a fondness for wireless electricity of late. After Nick Hodge, this is the second teaser ad hyping wireless electricity related stocks an ad that had called MDB Capital group along, and that’s in a span of couple months. So this seems to be a fad among copywriters.

Louis Navellier has a new ad on show about wireless electricity.

He says the underlying technology is on a point of revolutionary change that may almost certainly lead to a world where you could wirelessly charge your electronic gadgets. He goes on to say power transmission lines are quickly substituted by wireless technologies, and probably that’s a future we would very much love to foresee.

Quite obviously as this point to a future world without power outages I must tell you that’s probably wishful thinking by the copywriters. I impassively agree with the copywriters as the technology debated in the ad is still in the labs and it serves no other purpose than to hype sell an underlying stock.

So also also there are concerns relating to the technology debated in the ad – as it would create strong magnetic fields that induce vortex currents in the proximity of the transmission corridor thus creating a microwave like environment. I am no tech geek to have any say on this even though I think this could possibly have dangerous consequences.

And the only bright spot that may possibly be loitering in the horizon is Apple Inc. AAPL Although Apple has filed several patents on wireless charging over the past 10 years ironically there isn’t any positive indication yet from Apple Inc. that it has any plans to adapt wireless charging for their devices. While at the same time it has made considerable progress in wire free charging pads for their devices.

I happened to stumble upon this article by Anup Sing on Seeking Alpha while researching this review concerning wirelessly charging your electronic devices it’s quite an interesting read, for those of you who want a bit more of this research here’s the link and also here are some obvious concerns.

That said – let’s carefully look into the ad spiel, shall we? Okay..

This is why big institutional investors like State Street, BlackRock and Vanguard have suddenly become very interested… and have already scooped up millions of shares of our company’s stock.

Characteristically Louis Navellier is very miserly in offering any clues as he tosses some big names as well, names that are very much interested in the technology.

So what is he touting that’s so secret, that he can’t let his paid subscribers unhappy.
Prying through the insistent ad was very stinging as it doesn’t have any transcript with it. Those big names are indeed big money managers – it’s really hard to figure out as they, haven’t spared any tech arena stock. So we are left alone to chomp over inadequate hints.

Some more clues…

If you hold on for the longer term, five to 10 years, and this company revolutionizes the wireless industry the way Apple revolutionized smart phones and computers… a $1,000 investment could grow well into six figures.

Even though it has been recognized it’s an index fund – What is it that has made Navellier think that getting in now will reward you an easy double, a bit of Google’ing for the stock reveals that it’s IDTI here’s more about IDTI.

Before taking a plunge exercise constraint, and do your own research as it’s your money at stake.

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