Internet Royalties revisited!

By | April 7, 2015

How to make Netflix pay YOU ‘Internet Royalties’ for EVERY movie it rents
Thanks to a new profit loophole, you can now earn ‘royalties’ of up to $48,000 per year from any of the Internet’s top 200 retailers….
Netflix, the world’s leading online movie provider, rents roughly 200,000 movies per day.
That amounts to more than 8 million movies per month.

That’s the introductory spiel of a teaser ad from The Wealth Advisory newsletter. It seems the ad has been flooding mail boxes again, and pitching for earning royalties from the internet’s top titans henceforth calling them ‘internet royalties’. That pretty much tells why there’s sudden surge of folks Google’ing for internet royalties. Intriguingly of course – I have already covered this teaser ad from The Wealth Advisory newsletter here and revealed the stock here for those of you who would like a quick rehash.

The ad hasn’t changed at all from the time I covered it, so also the stocks being hyped. Although the price of the underlying stock has gone up almost 75% from the time it has been in the limelight. CoreSite (COR) it’s an REIT with excellent growth potential, owing to the sector it is in.

The Cloud and the ever growing internet makes CoreSite (COR) even more precious, I am of the opinion that it’s in a business with an ever increasing demand for technology and equipment. But the hype created around the stock is not anything but baloney. Except if you are an investor blessed with deep pockets who could invest in REITS to the tune of a few millions of dollars.

So this is one of the stock hype that suggests a huge cash return while remaining conveniently silent on the initial cash required to equip for the return. Indeed CoreSite is growth RIET mostly in renting out datacenter space, that’s a growing business given the exceptional demand for datacenter space. It’s imminent that the data center market has every reason to be positive about the projections for the business.

No they certainly don’t get any royalty for Netflix rental or Amazon package. As has been made to believe by the Wealth Advisory newsletter, well, that’s just a misleading way of pushing a stock to naïve investors. I have already said it’s an REIT and these are typically swayed by interest rates that are closely guarded by the Federal Reserve, I expect an interest rate hike is just around the corner.

Your investment in CoreSite (COR) could well be your much loved destination. Although it’s your money at stake and it must be your call, let me know if you have any of your own musings on earnings money from internet royalties.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future.

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