Interpreting Nick Hodge’s – Wireless Electricity blessed by the Midas SuperGroup

By | March 5, 2015

Perhaps the most prominent teaser ad this week was snowing under Nick Hodge’s desk, he seems to be touting a stock play in the Wireless Electricity realm. The thinly veiled ad spiel is about wirelessly charging your electronic devices; precisely it’s about a technology that would perhaps change the way you recharge your devices, without actually plugging them into a conventional charger or placing them on a charging pad.

Well, I wince at the fact that how newsletter vendors trickle their cleverly worded spiels to get your optimistic attention… a few hints from his ad as he explains endorsements and the business gradually.

America’s Most Elite Investment Collective Just Netted 67,350 Gains…
And it’s about to do it again!
Thanks to a proprietary investment ranking tool, this group has its hands on a game-changing technology…
And it’s about to take early investors for another ridiculous profit ride
“They’re called the Midas Supergroup…

Quite obviously Nick Hodge seems to rant about venture capital firm MDB Capital Group who according to him is a group with a unique strategy they help promising patent rich companies raise finances before they go public with an IPO or a reverse merger usually. MDB Capital Group by the way isn’t that big or they don’t have any golden touch when it comes to creating successful businesses.

Instead MDB Capital is predominately a marketing company that earns a fee for its services, they don’t seem to be investing their own money in the projects excepting the warrants so accumulated – incentivized to pump up the stock price thus making way for them to download the stocks at will. Rather they are good at marketing IPOs and financing arrangements for smaller companies to naive investors who are fascinated by smart tech talks.

I stumbled on this page while researching Nick Hodge’s wirelessly charging teaser ad – for those of you who are interested to follow MDB’s successes at its associations with the companies it helped raise finances. I am pretty sure one day you would listen to a self-appointed expert who tells you one thing. And the very next hour a different talking head claims something that’s exact opposite. In most cases the stocks so up ticked by MDB Capital Group have had tremendous run-ups. And the companies’ stocks crashed soon after investors realized the underlying business wasn’t on any tangible ground.

So just be skeptical it helps you to be careful – I hope I haven’t gone off-track. What was it we were looking for yes Nick Hodge’s teaser ad?
A little more from the ad other than endorsement talks – of course…

No more wires, batteries, or electrical outlets necessary. No more forgetting to charge your phone before an important call.
Take a look for yourself, and bear in mind that this video shows only a small sample of what you can actually do with this revolutionary technology:”


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