Deciphering the Delta 9 THC – the Crow’s Nest stocks…

By | January 5, 2015

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I herewith resolve that in 2015, I’ll try to be copiously unbiased in my stock and newsletter reviews get more organized, read and try to decipher at least one teaser ad every week.

I was on a long vacation but had many of my readers ask about a huge medical breakthrough in the last 72 years more commonly known as the Delta 9 Drug. I wouldn’t evaluate what the Delta 9 drugs might and might not do for you. I don’t have any expertise in that cluster, but you can check it out.

The Greatest Medical Breakthrough in 72 Years… One Drug to End All Pain —

Naturally A new revolutionary drug called ‘Delta-9′ will send a small group of companies skyrocketing for life-altering gains… starting December 31, 2014.

The last time something like this happened 72 years ago… investors had the opportunity to turn every $1,000 into $1,640,000.”

Well, that’s a quote from the much inundating ad rippling from Jimmy Mengel’s desk, who is trying to get your attention for his Crow’s Nest newsletter – it’s about what he calls Delta 9, with a promise of riches, for those of you who buy into the stocks he is touting.

I thought I should share my take on the Delta 9 drug, but before that a few quotes from his ad.

This new ‘Delta-9′ drug could make all of that a reality. 20,000 independent studies have confirmed its efficacy. 105 of these were peer-reviewed clinical studies.

And they found… It is more effective than any single painkiller or narcotic out there.

It relieves pain for longer periods of time — without dangerous side effects. It significantly reduces the need for ANY painkillers — to the point of zero.

It sounds quite familiar and familial no, before I go on… some more optimistic estimates…

On December 31, 2014, scientists are releasing the results of phase III clinical trials for ‘Delta-9.’ Using history as a guide, you could see nothing short of 164,000% gains….

Today, I’ll reveal the three companies at the cutting edge of what could be the most groundbreaking discovery in modern medicine.

These are companies you can buy into right now for astronomical gains… including one that’s set to release a ‘Delta-9′ drug into pharmacies across the country by December 31.

Sounds as if I have covered it in my previous review regarding Larsen Kusick’s favorite stocks where he talks about ‘Marijuana Legalization’.

Quite interesting as he compares the probability of this Delta 9 drug to penicillin that made companies like Merck and Pfizer millions of dollars soon after the World War 2 ended.

Jimmy Mengel talks about the impending potential for natural pain killers – some more quotes from his ad.

Delta-9′ is not just a potential replacement for prescription painkillers…

It’s a potential addiction treatment, too!

Mind you, this is a natural painkiller with virtually zero dangerous side effects or addictive properties.

Once this goes on the market, it could rapidly wipe out the entire $9.4 billion painkiller industry.

I’m talking about the end of Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Demerol, and other dangerous drugs.

It could disrupt and shake Big Pharma at its foundation.

So what is it?

I am pretty sure most of you have already figured it out it’s about Marijuana and apparently about the stocks that stand to gain in the process of its legalization for its use in therapeutic purposes.

Delta 9 by the way is a psychoactive element (has significant effect on the mental processes) in the marijuana plant. And Jimmy Mengel seems to have derived the name from the fact that Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or (Delta-9-THC) is the main ingredient in the marijuana plant.

For those of you who want to know more here’s a good write-up I stumbled upon while researching marijuana.

I hope I haven’t gone off track what was it we were looking for? Oh yes the stocks being hyped in Jimmy Mengel’s teaser ad, and that would be the gist of my next write-up (a surmise of course) so…watch out!

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One thought on “Deciphering the Delta 9 THC – the Crow’s Nest stocks…

  1. Nancy

    thank you for your information I began to realize it must be pot
    the come on was too good to be true I am aware of the benefits
    as it helps my son but the crows nest made it sound like something
    brand new and of course I would like to get rich quick so I joined
    and now I will cancel


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