What is the Motley Fool’s Backdoor Holy Grail Investment in the ‘Oil Boom 2.0′ Stock Revealed!

By | October 20, 2014

Last month, a six-figure check carefully addressed to Richard Dockery arrived in the mailbox outside his brand-new, 2,400-square-foot home.
This wasn’t the first check of this size that he’d received. And it certainly won’t be the last…
In fact, these checks arrive every single month like clockwork….

It’s a long time since I have seen any big teaser ad from the Foolies, as you would expect I was intrigued to see their latest ad about what they’re calling a “Holy Grail Shale Company”. Since almost all oil stocks are cheaper now owing to the drop in Crude prices.

Well, there are many theories to it but I must tell you that one of the world’s best investment strategies involves an unconventional way of looking at world events.  That’s what makes me interested to look at the Foolie testimonial on the carnage in energy prices over the last six months which has also made ardent investors sit-up and notice.

I must agree with Fools here that the drop in energy prices is due to the U.S. megatrend being labeled as ‘Oil Boom 2.0′ it’s true that the Dockery story was published in USA Today it talks about the huge checks Richard Dockery receives monthly, but that’s because he is a real-estate broker, and rents land to drillers and work camps in Texas.

Thankfully though the Fools are not asking you to move to Texas or any other flourishing township to get those fat checks, instead they seem to be telling you about capability of the wealth being generated by investing into the Oil Boom 2.0.

So what is the strategy being touted here, but before that a bit of clues from their ad.

What is the point of telling you about all of the people making money here if I’m not going to give YOU a chance to join them?
Still dubious? That’s okay… I’m not writing to cynics today. I’m writing to keen, forward-looking investors aspiring to fulfill the American Dream just like Richard Dockery did….
All it will take from you is a dash of daring… and perhaps taking a few small steps outside of your usual comfort zone.
Here’s how we’re going to do it…
After hours upon hours of tireless research, two of the most brilliant investors I’ve ever met recently uncovered a surprising way for everyday folks like you and me to grab OUR fair share of this fast-emerging megatrend.

Of course they are schmoozing about Tom and David Gardner brothers who rose to fame in the 1990s owing to the investing successes they are rightly credited with in the internet eras. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are always right when it comes to picking stocks but it’s due to their peculiarity of long term holdings in those stock ideas they have faith in.

And Motley Fools are asking you to ride this Oil Boom by investing in stock ideas they are touting, that most people without a Motley Fools subscription still don’t know of. While it’s a fact that there is an abundance of untapped potential in oil that hasn’t yet been discovered as we dig more into clues for the specific stock idea they are pushing.

“Because what if I told you there is actually a quick and easy way to invest in EVERYTHING I’ve told you today about ‘Oil Boom 2.0′ – WITHOUT even having to invest in the drilling process itself?”

Sounds attention-grabbing is it not but before I let the cat out… some more hints please!

A single, under-the-radar company that has its hands tightly wrapped around both the hydraulic fracturing technology and know-how that has allowed this shale boom to take off in the first place.

This rule out drillers and miners, to me seems to be an oil service company which is in the realm of Fluid Sampling, and some amount of Intellectual Property more clues please…

As Morningstar puts it, their ‘Competitive position is so strong that they have no direct rivals.

Well, Morningstar has an excellent endorsement to the Foolie stock idea, I assume as they have independent and trusted analysis tools for tracking stocks.

A bit of Google’ing and research into the Holy Grail Investment in ‘Oil Boom 2.0 revealed oil services company Core Laboratories (CLB), more detailed analysis of CLB would be the substance of my next article keep your fingers crossed till then.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.


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