Can you make money from Internet Royalties? Stock revealed!

By | October 3, 2014

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How ‘Internet Royalties’ Work (and why you’ve probably never heard of them)
In September of 2010, the first ‘Internet Royalties’ were made available to the public.
And on the very first day, investors spent a total of $270 million buying in.
Ever since then, daily ‘royalty’ payouts have ranged anywhere from a mere $840 to $94,350….

I will leave most of the exaggerating quotes from the ad for good of course, as most of it is misleading as we get more references to Internet giants on the blather, and pretty ridiculous to be unbiased.

No! The Internet Royalties is not something that The Wealth Advisory newsletter vendors know that you don’t. But don’t let this stand in the way, allow me a little more thought and I will let you know my take on it. As I end up with very little clues for an appropriate answer.

A few more clues please.

You only need about $35 to get started.
And remember, you don’t have to own stock in ANY of these companies in order collect “royalties” — not Netflix… not Amazon… not Microsoft… not ANY of them.

I am sure it’s not an Options strategy or an Income Trust, so what exactly are they touting here. Let me ponder over the above clue, and a little bit of Google’ing on the subject. I could sense that it’s an REIT and it must be CoreSite (COR), it is a datacenter REIT priced in the range of $35 right now.

Yes indeed CoreSite raised $270 million through an IPO in its launch, but it’s not an Internet Royalty though, the way they blather in their ad. CoreSite (COR) rents out disk space to a large customer base from large corporations to smaller ones who need more than just disk space. Well, they have some advanced services too but at heart it’s just a datacenter company.

I consider CoreSite to be a kind of commodity business given the intense growth of cloud based services ranging from server co-location to backbone colocation of telecom hubs for power management and a range of services. You can well expect the sector to grow steadily and faster with rapidly advancing technology.

But a huge $48,000 or more over the next year is bizarre without putting in a gargantuan initial investment.  So this another teaser pitch that conveniently ignores, the initial investment, for the benefit of the newsletter vendor that asks potential subscribers to shell out around 50 bucks just to know the hyped stock.

Indeed CoreSite is a growth REIT with a decent dividend yield, has almost tripled in the last couple of years. Well, but that’s very unlikely to happen in the future. I particularly like CoreSite and it’s cheap with good sustainable growth in the small sector. But to call it an Internet Royalty or compare it to big giants such as Google, Amazon, or Netflix is an overstatement.

And as you already know REIT’s are influenced by interest rates and competitive rates available in other income focused investments, that’s the reason most of the REIT’s have slumped 5% to 10% in the in the last couple of weeks owing to a rumor from the Fed about Quantitative Easing.

While I am of the belief that there are other REIT’s worth looking at in this sector, like Equinix Inc (EQIX), CyrusOne (CONE) what do you think, for it’s your money that’s at stake. If you have your own musings on the sector let us know through the little comment box below.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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11 thoughts on “Can you make money from Internet Royalties? Stock revealed!

  1. Beaufort D winters

    Fantastic day
    I made a cool 462 bucks… Not a lot but still money for nothing… Chick’s for and I will share with you

  2. Clint

    This is a great idea, but where does one get started? I’m all about solid, educated “gambles”, and this one seems no different, but for whatever reason,seems to hold more weight in authenticity as far as absolute possibilities in potential quarterly income is concerned. Anyone have any websites that offer an approach on procuring a royalty? Whether oil/gas, internet media, or online marketplaces?

    I’ve googled, and googled, but seem to come up w/ nothing more than pitchmen selling this opportunity. I want direct. I want to invest my money in whatever I deem to be a worthy medium to collect royalties.

    One site appears to have held auctions on some avenues of investment, but none upcoming, and some WAAAyyyy out of my price range to acquire these “commodities”.

    Any help? If so, please feel free to email me at, and visit

    Thanks in advance.

  3. T Lee Buyea - Fla.News Service

    We Must by stocks ? But the on line ad said no charge other than $35 or is that the charge for one share of that Cordite etc. stock ? or the charge for a stock buying transaction ? and the ad is conning us because they are looking at buying stock as an investment and Not actually buying / spending money ?

  4. T Lee Buyea - Fla.News Service

    Why are you claiming to be a source to answer our questions on “Internet royalties” If you have Not even spent the “Supposedly refundable $50 charge” to find out what information they are selling ?
    One protection all of us internet Gurus have from many of these scams is almost all that have these 20 Minute text and audio advertisements, Use one of about 3 professional readers who get something like a dollar a word to read and almost all of the professional readers actually sound like Con Men Hucksters and no one in their right mind would trust the ad just because of the readers con man voice !

    1. Richard Valone

      They give you a money-back guarantee, Porter honors their guaranteed, I’ve checked it out, I cancelled, but will do it as soon as I have the money to invest, they have some great portfolios.

  5. Harold Hansen

    Please, where do I find the other companies?
    I’m in a bad situation here and I’d like to get into as many as I can, but looked all week end and can’t find them, would you please send them to
    Me? Or instructions on how to sign up.
    I would really appreciate it, and it might keep me from losing my house.
    Thank You!

  6. H C Barnard

    I just payed the subscribtion to inter net royalties but are still to start investing in it ,but only one stock are given to invest in CORESITE. Now how many stocks do I have to buy to start collecting internet royalties or were I been taken for a ride.
    I would appreciate your feed back please.
    Thank you

    1. Safiya

      I hate to be repetitive but making an investment in CoreSite is a good stock idea if you have the reserves, but there’s no such thing as internet royalties start your own research on the outlines of the newsletter.

    2. Matt

      HC, I would love to know your out come. Are they just having you buy dividend paying stocks?



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