Could you really collect Government Backed Real Estate Tax Rebate Checks?

By | October 9, 2014

Is that possible?

Well, here’s my take at it.

Certainly not as Ian Wyatt’s wants you to believe ‘Government Backed Tax Rebate Checks’, there aren’t any, the pitch is pretty old but in heavy circulation again. I wince at the fact that how newsletter vendors use catch-phrases to get your attention, and the numerous comments and reactions the ad has generated.

It’s pretty clear that how the ad has made folks jump to the signature line and look for the column where they can insert their name and address to start getting’ those free checks. And it sounds as if the ad is following the same rationale as getting a Rebate on the Gas you buy at the gas station, by owning a particular refinery stock (real estate stock in this case).

Well, that’s because the man behind both the ads is Ian Wyatt, who writes High Yield Wealth newsletter he composes quite appealing ads no matter if they are a bit subconsciously misleading for the investor who fails to read between the lines. The Government does mandate that they send their income to their shareholders, but at the same time doesn’t make sure that they make any income at all.

That’s the mute warning, so be careful how you define ‘Government Backed’ let’s get to the central reason I am writing this for you. Sure he is touting some kind of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Here’s how he gets your pistons firing.

How to Collect Your Real Estate Tax Rebate on May 16th, 2013
While the rest of the country is getting gouged by federal, state, and local taxes… a handful of everyday Americans are using a little-known rebate program to completely pay off their real estate taxes.

The preliminary hypothesis I’m working on here is that he’s advertising some sort of tax-advantaged real estate play, most likely a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), there were similar sounding teaser ads by Oxford Club touting Canadian Trusts as a way to get Government Backed rebates. So you can probably guess what he is touting here in this case.

For more clues to the stock he is hyping, here’s a bit more from his ad.

According to Kiplinger’s… ‘If you’re an investor looking for income, [Real Estate Tax Rebate Checks] are a great way to go.’
In fact, you could be eligible to start collecting payments of up to $6,175.50 on Thursday, May 16th! ….
President Eisenhower stepped in and passed a law that provided an unprecedented opportunity that would allow for massive inflows of private investment capital where it was needed most – to build new homes and neighborhoods for quickly growing American families.

Just interpret the square brackets in the quotes and moving on further, which is a fact indeed, since President Eisenhower was behind the mortgage boom and the creation of the real estate investment trust REITs. I’m pretty sure Wyatt is hyping an REIT here but what is the specific REIT stock he is pushing.

Let’s not spoil the party yet, a bit more from his ad.

I’m talking office buildings, factories, warehouses, retail stores… massive buildings and pieces of land….
This company rakes in millions from companies including Corning, Pennzoil, and Verizon.
(In fact, it owns over 70 giant, cash cranking commercial properties.)

It’s an REIT for sure, the number of properties and specific clients, and a bit of Google’ing on the teaser ad, reveal, it must be Gladstone Commercial (GOOD). A more detailed analysis of (GOOD) would be the gist of my next write up stay tuned until then.

If you have any of your own reflections on ‘Government Backed Tax Rebate Checks’ and Gladstone Commercial, do share them with us in the little comment box below.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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    Thank you! It is important to get these types of truthful evaluations of these “pitches”


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