Deciphering the Marijuana Millions: “The Kennedy Story You Were Never Told”

By | August 14, 2014

Political families and stories of family riches have always been attention grabbers for us as investors. Well, this in continuance to my series of essays on newsletter teaser ads. The thought that these people know some unusual secret that created a vast fortune for America’s royals is always intriguing.

A mere reference of Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, or the Kennedys or Obamas makes almost all newsletter vendors tantalizing to play around with prospective subscriber sentiments.
Huh! A few quotes from the ad…

The Kennedy Story You Were Never Told
A Surprising Income Stream of the Famed Kennedy Family Fortune. This Secret Could Actually Make You A Small Fortune Over The Next Few Years

So what’s the secret story they have for you?

Well, the teaser relates Marijuana Legalization to Alcohol companies, distillers and its ancillaries that came out of (Volstead Act) legal barriers in the US of A some 90 years ago, and how the Joe Kennedy foresees it to create huge wealth for the Kennedys.

The basic tease is that the marijuana industry will see a rush in its earnings, similar to what the distillers and alcohol companies experienced immediately after it was legalized under the twenty-first amendment of February 20, 1933.

And Larsen Kusick claims to have the right strategy for the Marijuana boom that is on the cards apparently he is copywriting the ad for Small Cap Specialist newsletter.

The way I see it- the ad carries some thought provoking inceptions as we are rapidly proceeding towards full federal legalization of Marijuana within a decade albeit some glitches along the way. Marijuana for medicinal use is lawful now, and the question of turning back is impossible and dangerous I assume.

It simply doesn’t mean that all companies that are into Marijuana are winners. It’s a business minus any leading brands in it. So be aware, there could always be losers among puny speculative players that are trying to take advantage of relaxing norms. Of course there is the initial euphoria of the marijuana connection.

It’s quite possible that none of them exist after a couple of years given the hype newsletter vendors generate around the phenomenon. But before I go on a few more quotes from the ad…

The way I see it, marijuana has the perfect trifecta…
People want it (based on Gallop polls)
Governments need it (for revenue)
And now doctors are for it…”

Let us see what Kusick is teasing to sell Small Cap Specialist.

Like I already mentioned earlier, he seems to be drawing parallels to the partial Alcohol ban before the year 1930 and beginning of the Marijuana legalization process, in the start of this decade. Without a doubt the parallels are uncanny, but the sizzling question is the stocks he is pushing with the story, and that’s what this of article is all about.

OK, as we’ve got the essentials of the tease, the stocks and in depth analysis of the companies would be the gist of my next article in this series.

Let us know if you have something else in mind by dropping a few lines in the Comments Box below.

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