What is Byron Kings latest tease about JFK‘s Secret Currency?

By | July 9, 2014

A lot of my friends have been asking about Byron King’s latest teaser ad, what he calls JFK’s Secret Currency, he thinks its capable of producing 1000% returns this year thus saving you from decades of greenback deflation as well. So I decided to oblige.

Of course if John F Kennedy wasn’t assassinated as you probably know most teaser ads are filled with over the top promises of returns, and you are swamped with emailed teaser ads revealing top secret strategies and this one is no different.

Here’s how Byron King pitches the peculiar “JFK’s Secret Currency” in his distinctive style of selling Outstanding Investments newsletter, which has crushed the market average returns for a decade, thanks partly to its emphasis on hard assets and commodities.

At the very least, over the next 12 months I expect this ‘Secret Currency’ to multiply your money 10-times over.
But this new Kennedy Revolution is absolutely unprecedented. And it’s starting to gather steam right now.
People are not waiting for the Fed to demolish the dollar with its trillion-dollar money printing. They’re seeking to destroy the Fed instead and take their hard-earned money back.

A note of warning to rational investors, never expect 1000% per year return on any kind of investment as you will be disappointed with the overzealous expectation. It’s quite rare without luck and being in the right trade at the right time. Do you think Outstanding Investments would do that, or rather it’s just a newsletter vendor’s apocalyptic prediction. It’s your money at stake and it’s up to you to choose.

And to the JFK’s Secret Currency part, but before that I would like to nourish you with more of cheeky quotes from the ad.

It was June 4, 1963… perhaps the most important day in recent American history…
Although hardly anyone even remembers it.
Just five months before his untimely death, President John F. Kennedy made a stunning announcement…
A watershed moment that could have changed the course of America forever…
He re-extended the right to print a currency, backed by hard assets, to the U.S. Treasury.
This single act would have re-invented the dollar.

President John F Kennedy was eliminated just because he was going to institute this secret currency, sounds stupid isn’t, so what is he gossiping about?

It’s probably not illegal I assume since as he is not confirming anything, he says he is only sharing his opinion on the investment, and he compares it to one of those currencies that went up by 1000%. But the ad caught my attention for the reason that it had one of the creepiest conspiracy theories on John F Kennedy’s assassination.

Money in the US was already backed by hard assets in the 1960s Kennedy was actually trying to get away with Silver Certificates in favor of Federal Reserve Notes, but most likely this was no issue at all as he seemed to be distancing from a silver-backed currency just like other politicians have done.

As we dig more into his newsletter King seems to be chattering about buying hard assets gold or silver for sure and it must be in the form of coins.

Here’s more to reinforce my belief from Byron King’s clamorous ad:

Lenny Elie, a Maryland businessman, began buying one class of JFK’s Secret Currency because ‘he distrusted paper money.’ Decades later his efforts amassed a $55 million fortune thanks largely to it.
As CNBC reports, ‘nowadays even the average investor can find profits’ in JFK’s Secret Currency.

Well, that’s Larry Elysburg a famous and successful coin collector he had made a fortune collecting Gold and Silver coins owing to the shortage and henceforth adding value to the coins they had collected as hobby, the gains were not from value of silver or gold but the scarcity due to the charm of their hobby. And the CNBC hint directly points to the excitement of collecting coins as well.

So is Byron King asking us to become coin collectors let us investigate…

Let me be clear about what I mean, that is without a doubt Coined gold and Silver, as US government passed laws pertaining to this, coined gold and silver as legal tender. Obviously when you are exchanging currency you don’t have to pay any tax on it, and the puzzler is talking about return of silver or gold to gain importance as the imminence of dollar declines.

The precise “JFK’s Secret Currency” would be the gist of my next write up. Watch Out!

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