Can a Barrel of this company’s oil be for just 28 cents a gallon as David Fessler wants us to believe?

By | July 31, 2014

Can this company produce oil dramatically cheaper than bottled water?

The main reason I am writing this is to convince folks that we are in an invention boom and we’re still waiting with an assurance.

So naturally you are intrigued and want to know the company behind such a technology.

Futuristic Technologies that enable drilling multiple horizontal zones from one rig, and having multiple rigs in one pad for extraction of American oil is a reality now.

Discovering oil, paying for leases or royalties, shipping the oil, is an expense to any producer. While horizontal drilling and fracking continues to be expensive; quite apparently that means lifting of midstream costs.

Oil for just 28 cents a gallon or $12 per barrel to be precise, is an exaggeration. I haven’t done the number crunching yet but I doubt they are comparable at all.

Let’s investigate… but before that.

A few hints for you from the clamorous ad;

I’ll get into the specifics of the technology in a second… But here are the key reasons why it severely cut this company’s production costs…
This company is preparing to use this technology on a new find one expert calls, ‘the second-largest oil discovery in the history of the world.
Located inside the continental U.S., it’s one of the few spots beneath the Earth’s surface that is literally oozing with billions of barrels of oil….

Well, that seems to be a general talk it isn’t a technique that any one company holds though some may have technologically better equipment or more capable of extracting oil than the others, but still it’s a huge financial megatrend any well-informed investor should be aware of.

I have some experience here while there are no new technologies in drilling of a revolutionary nature for a decade or so. If there is something new it’s going to be the next New Year. However, I am of the belief that there is tremendous opportunity in the rapidly emerging Futuristic Technologies and it’s quickly becoming one of the biggest stories in getting America out of its financial woes.

Don’t ever assume that this ‘secret company’ is doing something exceptional and could produce oil a way cheaper than the others whether the sand is mined or melted as the whole process is quite an expensive affair.

Since the pictures are picked up from the company’s investor presentations I could correctly interpret that the secret company Fessler is talking about is Laredo Petroleum (LPI).

Laredo has indeed caught a lot of Investor attention of late owing to its recent earnings and consistent growth potential. Laredo Petroleum (LPI) is a premium priced big player trading at 24X earnings, they have a market cap of nearly $4 billion it’s quite profitable and drilling in all hot areas so Laredo Petroleum is worth looking at for the growth and earnings.

Let us know of your own musings on Laredo Petroleum through the little comment box below.

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