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By | June 26, 2014

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These 3 quick-action interviews with our Foolish investing experts (below) show how to prepare yourself for the $19 trillion revolution…

Dubbed as the year Internet Disappeared, this pitch seems to be an extension of Internet of Things pitch by the Motley Fool stock advisor newsletter. Well, the internet doesn’t really disappear as they like us to believe, but it takes over all things around us which makes the three companies hyped by the Foolies very rich.

Their copywriters have a peculiarity of reminding you of AOL and Amazon investment success stories in their ads.

And how to zero in on the 3 next-generation technology stocks that are best positioned to profit.

So what are those lets dig deeper into the pitch and try to find out… of course with quotes from their ad.

My other favorite bit of trivia is that this one middleware specialist does business with 134 of the 200 biggest companies in the world. That’s a good sign. But the funny thing is the guys on Wall Street have never understood them very well…

Who according to you is the Motley Fool’s R.I.P. Internet Explosive Likely InterWorld Stock?

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Well, that’s enough hint to point me to the first, stock David Garner likes, it is Tibco Software (TIBX) it was touted by Stock Advisor about 18 months back. Tibco Software (TIBX) is an enterprise software company here’s an interesting article on (TBIX), owing to disappointing sales and competition pressures from Qlik and Tableau, it has fallen sharply, and it’s around $19 now at the time of writing this.

But the prognosticators expect much more, if they are right they can post growth in earnings to the extent of 20%, the price is not cheap although but reasonable by any standards. If you have any of your own musings on (TIBX) do share them with us in the comment box below.

The second stock is GOOG certainly they are tugging internet advertising when they talk about Google it’s a great company with a global reach they are certainly not at bizarre valuations. GOOG is a blue chip stock with unquestionable market share in its niche, still growing earnings at 10% pretty consistently since they are investing their excess cash into growth (Internet of Things) and (Google Fiber) and everything in technologies.

And the third stock they are touting is of course Sierra Wireless (SWIR) a Motley Fool Darling stock it passes all of their tests for future performance. Let’s take a closer look at its recent results and what it is poised for. The most relevant is its net income that has climbed eight times its cash flows.

Can the growth in its net income continue? Well that’s the point all of us would like answers for here’s a good write up on (SWIR) its growth, opportunities, valuations and dividends. I have used this to form my opinion on Sierra Wireless. It’s a big BUY for me.

So those are the stocks in control for “The Year the Internet Disappeared” pitch by the Fools. No the internet is not here to disappear but to take over all things around us and make our lives easier by linking with each other. If you have any of your own favorite stocks for the “Internet of Things” sales pitch, do share them with us in the little comment box below.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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