The best 3D Printers companies stocks to invest in 2014

By | May 30, 2014

The End of Made in China Era! Technology watchers are of the viewpoint that this invention could be bigger than the internet. Don’t worry, it’s an exaggeration of sorts, and it’s certainly not what is made to believe by the newsletter touts….

Undoubtedly 3d printing companies stocks are being sold to you, without any realistic earnings at astronomical valuations. And companies that don’t stand a chance of generating any income for years, making it impossible, or at least questionable for long term investors.

Scared to Invest?

No need to, the sudden upward run of 3d printing stocks of late could be largely credited to hype rather than to an imminent revolution in consumer technology. The sector is not revolutionary but evolutionary in my opinion, as it has been around for over three decades now.

The sector has received huge investor attention with the recent obtain-ability of consumer printers, a change that has helped drive up stock prices, and capture your imagination that’s it, for instance 3D Systems has almost doubled during the past 12 months alone, and Stratasys has doubled too.

And it makes all the more essential for you to be aware that all 3-D-printing companies aren’t equal although they appear to be linked. Characteristically when one moves, the others follow suit, but when you closely study their business models they have nothing to do with each other as they are different business inherently, with dissimilar customer bases.

3D Systems, for example has robust portfolios, under its belt including 3-D-printing solutions and manufacturing, though it has made vast acquisitions in the recent past, it is jack-of-all-trades and master of none. They aren’t leaders in any of the things they are in.

Some smaller players are well off, like privately held German company EOS a market leader in metal printers and Voxeljet, they surpass 3D Systems in technology and industrial sales. Voxeljet had a bumpy ride on the bourses but up 20% since it IPO ed in October last.

The 3-D-printing stocks, has undeserved excitement that will not last but there’s still opportunity for long-term investors, growth in this sector is going to take longer than you expect. The sectors revenue growth will primarily be driven by sales of high-end printers and enterprise grade printers.

Players with such technologies include Voxeljet, EOS and Stratasys,— and will be the winners I assume…

Don’t get burned! Lean in and I will tell you the best 3D Printers companies stocks to invest in 2014 with the right incentives, the kind that will promote long-term decision making, that will increase earnings and make your stocks worth more over time.

Who according to you is the Best 3D Printing Company.

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  • SLM Solutions uses laser melting technology and the company is dedicated to industrial metal 3D printers. It has a fairly blue chip customer base that are in automotive, aerospace, construction and medical devices. Its peers include Arcam, ExOne, and 3D systems. It’s a pure play on industrial metals.
  • Formerly known as Bio space Med and later changed its name to EOS Imaging SA founded in 1989. It markets patented medical imaging systems used for the treatment of specific bone conditions. It offers cutting guides for bone surgeries and offers meticulous solutions for hip and knee replacements, and customized anthroplasties in the operating room.
  • I will be updating as and when I find such stocks, if you have any of your own reflections on any other darling 3D printer stock and why it deserves a place in this list, ping me through the comment box below I will include it.

Are you ready to profit from this imminent evolution?

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Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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