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By | May 11, 2014

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Of course the ad talks about the Miracle Material Graphene without putting it into explicit words that’s going to make this 20 Second Battery a reality yes I vouch it’s about Graphene my job is to tell you what’s going on…

Whether you choose to invest in this opportunity or not, it’s up to you but its a story that every investor should be aware of.

The ad is cueing that this is making big players like Nokia and Microsoft interested in its commercialization … here’s a bit of what he said on that:

“Nokia is one of the companies working with a flagship R&D facility in Europe that recently received a 1 billion euro grant… just to develop the technology behind ‘The 20-second Battery’…
“Nokia holds multiple patents in this technology….
“But lately Nokia’s mobile device sales have been slumping – resulting in the recent acquisition by Microsoft of Nokia’s Devices & Services business.
“Under the terms of agreement, Microsoft has paid approximately $5.44 Billion in cash for not only their devices and services… but to license Nokia’s patents for the next 10 years…

We all know Graphene is a focus for all big players and investors, and it’s a game changing material too its promise has been touted by some of the big mining newsletter vendors for a decade.

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I don’t understand why miners, there is always an argument if Graphene is game changing material … won’t the people who can mine high-purity graphite get rich?

I strongly contradict this argument. It’s a fact that there are numerous ways to produce Graphene apart from using high purity flake graphite which is mined out of earth.

Usually Graphite is used in lubricants, steel making and Lithium ion batteries, and this consumes a majority of mined graphite which is just the purest form of coal.

When you’re talking about using a single atom’s thickness of a material it doesn’t really matter whether the price is $1,000 a ton or $50,000 a ton Graphene is valuable as a highly processed nanomaterial and the actual cost of the raw material to make it is trivial.

Probably some sort of chemical or lithography process will lead to mass production of this wonder material, and whether or not that process requires natural large flake graphite input is still ambiguous as of now. And its price isn’t going to be driven by the commercialization of Graphene at least in the next few years to come.

While everyone from chip-makers to academics to chemical companies trying to figure out how to mass produce Graphene and create a steady supply for the market that is imminent. I predict that it’s futile to invest in graphite miners considering Graphene and its prophecies.

For now get Graphene out of your mind and think about graphite … and let’s ponder over the stock Frank Curzio is touting in his unrelenting teaser ad… but before that a few clues about the little company:

   “… in a remote area of the world, near the Arctic Circle, a large deposit of this mineral has been discovered.
“And even better news for investors is that this mine is controlled by a tiny Canadian mining firm that is set to begin producing in just a few months.
“This is one of the few sources for this miracle material outside of communist China.

Okay, the ad is touting Canadian stock Flinders Resources it’s on the pink sheets, owns Woxna mine in Sweden. Curzio had recommend Flinders back in 2012 also.
If you have any of your own reflections on this review please share them with us in the comment box below.

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