Frank Curzio’s the 20-Second Battery Stock Revealed!

By | May 9, 2014

Investing in the “Miracle Material” think again! Astute investing has always helped investors become well-heeled and reach their financial goals. For the majority of those investors, all it took was a disciplined approach to putting together a portfolio of stocks.

With Haydale successfully going public last week, raising £6.6 ($11 million), and shares dropping consequently the proponents and detractors of the Graphene hype will make things difficult for you to decide on an investment strategy. I am going reveal secretes on Graphite mining stocks passed on to you as Graphene, well most often. In November last, I had posted my review explaining such a scenario.

Haydale’s IPO was not a success by any standard – share dropped from 210 pence per share to 122 that’s near a 50% drop, while there are reports that it’s considering legal options at the debacle.

The newsletter vendors are busy again after a lull with teasers such as the Forever Battery, Blood Vessel Battery and its The 20 Second Battery now; making rounds I am planting my usual cautionary note again for the prudent investors to stay away from hype stories with tall promises of returns in squishy time periods.

Frank Curzio who edits the ‘Small Stock Specialist’ newsletter is pitching the stock in his ad as the main supplier for “The 20-Second Battery” is – small by any standard. He has already recommended it to his subscribers over at Phase 1 Investor, at three times the price it trades for today.

So apparently there’s no rush it is a $30 million company so a person investing $20-30,000 could easily make the stock move up higher in an excited market, the ad is informing you that the company is hosting a conference call with prospective investors soon. So please, take your time and research the idea if it maneuvers you too.

The teaser ad tweets you with a convincing statement — that we’re on the brink of the next major advancement in battery technology….

We’re all aware that battery life is one of the great restraints of the increasingly mobile world, new battery technologies are constantly being promised, and battery technology is constantly improving.

I know, but it appears that we’re still waiting for that next “leap” to take us beyond Lithium batteries, while it’s a fact that electric car batteries still take 12 hours to fully charge.

Investing in Graphne Companies Stocks is this the right time What Do Ya Think?

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