Wait! Don’t invest in Graphene stocks here’s why…

By | November 7, 2013

It’s kind of amusing if you are told the truth about why people lie…

If untruth lasts long … and echoed sufficiently… it becomes a truth. Not a real truth, however… but just a story that has become accepted and reputable.

That’s what’s happening right now to the idea of investing in Graphene mining  stocks.

I was obligated by my conscience to write this post as most of the ‘Invest in Graphene’ articles that I’ve been subjected to are perhaps so not to upset their backers. And they really don’t distinguish between the companies that are in research and development and those that really don’t.

When it comes to investing in Graphene investors don’t have a clear choice to decide on a good aspirant. When folks ask experts to suggest Graphene stocks they are offered (one size fit all) Graphene recommendations. In most cases it’s not even clear how they are involved in Graphene.

I wish we could get to read more on awareness of how important and rewarding it is to invest in companies that are resolutely investing in development of Graphene and its research.

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In fact we actually don’t need any more of the stuff that is aimed at people who are fascinated to spend their savings in the sacred name of ‘Graphene Investment’, and eager to get rich quick with this new investment fad.

However by the most conservative estimates Graphene based end products should really start coming to the end user market place by early 2020. With that perspective in mind, why the heck are we even talking about the stock market?

Wait for the day when we can actually have publicly traded companies that make products based on Graphene.

I must tell you that nanotechnology hasn’t had a good very good synch with the stock market, and its investment gurus. We as investors have so many times seen stock analysts proclaim a speculative start-up as the same as an enormous revenues and cash reserves enterprise.

While it seems to me that the so called experts know very little about nanotechnology, and they fail to comprehend simple stock matrices like PE ratios.

Do you have any of your own propositions to improve this analysis, please do let me know by posting a few lines in the comment box below.

Stay away from Graphene mining stocks- here’s why…

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