Here’s my list of Top 5 Dividend Growth Stocks

By | November 3, 2013

As we move into 2014, I appreciate all the support from my readers as I strive much to bring you my favorite 5 dividend growers. I know smart investors who are on the lookout for investing in dividend growers; do always look not just on current yields of the prospect, but also on the growth potential of their dividend payouts.

However there are more reasons to look at dividend growth, for a case in point Thomas Howard discovered that dividend-growth stocks outclassed dividend cutters from 1973 to 2010 and had them flat, and this came from far less volatility.

Well, that’s Holy Grail for investors. Strong businesses that constantly raise dividends reward its stakeholders. And who doesn’t like a raise? All you need to know is which company to buy. With that in mind, here’s an exhaustive list of my favorites that have grown their dividends by more than 30% over the past year.

Don’t worry I am not revealing any stock with information obtained in a closed door meeting it’s just my common sense approach. So here we go…

1 year Dividend Growth 36.2%: National Oilwell Varco my favorite, and a stock aggressively touted by the Motley Fools as Warren Buffets new Toy, is a global giant in the gas and oil services industry. They lease all types of equipment and components to gas and oil drilling operations, from complex deep-water rigs to small spare parts.

With a one year dividend growth rate of about 36.2% they are a 5 star rated stock by the CAPS participants that has zero competition in the niche with the stock yielding a growing 1.4%.

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1 year Dividend Growth 35.9%: Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN) headquartered at Dallas Texas a manufacturer of semiconductors its peers are Intel, and Samsung. They are among the Top 20 Semiconductor manufacturers in the world. They currently have a four-star ranking on CAPS and offer investors a 2.9% yield. Dividend Growth 35.9%

Here’s a better analysis of Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN) the chart tells you more about its financials and Guru Trades in this scrip. I must tell you all technical pointers are indicating a strong buy for this stock. But do your own analysis.

1 year Dividend Growth 34.8%: CVS Caremark owns about 7,000 drugstores across the US of A; they also offer pharmacy benefit management services to unions, and its employers, government, and to other sponsors of health benefit plans. The Motley Fools have given them a four-star rating in CAPS, and their stock is currently yielding 1.5%. Here’s a better analysis tool if you are interested in researching more on CVS Caremark.

1 year Dividend Growth 31.9%: Western Union WU- NYSE (USA) needs no formal introduction while they are pioneers in money transfers and payment services worldwide, Western Union offers individuals and businesses with a fast, reliable, and convenient ways to send money across the world. They currently sport a four-star rating in CAPS and are yielding 2.7%. Here’s a better analysis tool if you are intrigued in Western Union.

1 year Dividend Growth 31.1%: UnitedHealth Group, UNH- NYSE Health-insurance behemoth provides health-benefit plans and services through a network of 780,000 physicians and 5,900 hospitals. They have a four-star CAPS rating and offer investors a fast-growing 1.6% dividend. Here’s  a better analysis tool if you are intrigued UnitedHealth Group.

Well, the bottom line is if you had invested in these a year ago you would have relished a dividend increase of 31% to 36% by now.  All is not lost, if you’re interested in knowing about some more excellent stocks that are more likely to ramp up their dividend payouts.

Here are some of them. If you liked this or if you have any of your own thoughts please do me a favor, by posting them in the little comment box below.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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