Revealed ‘Mainz Income Stream’ is not a secret anymore.

By | October 19, 2013

Your mail box has had a surge of emails with Obama’s Income Statements RIGHT?

Well, let us hope they don’t crash on you, it looks to me like a “buy my newsletter, and pay me to tell you the obvious.

So what’s the secret being teased. Lets interpret, with a bits of quotes from the ad.

“$72,780 PER MONTH ‘Mainz’ INCOME STREAM Found Inside President Obama’s Tax Returns” “

In every industry there’s usually a backdoor way to get paid OVER and OVER again for a single idea, property, or patent.

To headline the ads the copywriters have quite effectively used the names of political figures, and successfully got you glued to their ad campaign. I am sure that’s what brings you here on this page, for a while it was George W Bush, then Bill Clinton, Obama, and now First Lady Michelle Obama’s Tax Returns.

To spare you from some of the redundant fuss, let us quickly get onto decipher the first part of the tease that gossip Obama’s tax returns. So here’s my take on it.

The Schedule “C” reporting income on Federal 1040 is business income, with a reduction of business linked deductions. In-fact it is net income from sales of books. Royalty income is essentially reported on Schedule “E” Federal Form 1040, in view of that: the tease “Super secret Mainz INCOME STREAM” is misleading.

Expect nothing instantaneous about income streams from royalties; they do not create supernatural monthly income. And of course royalties on book sales and royalties on mineral rights are the same. The newsletter is invoking you, to subscribe to S&A Resource Report.

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Badiali has shown proof of testimonials and testify instances of people getting paid a monthly stream of income. Then he talks about three gold companies where an investor can receive a royalty stream. But this happens only when an investor sells, just owning them is not going to create any income.

Quite interestingly the urge to look beyond the copywriter’s fantasy, lets you explore teasers ads. Folks who know Badiali probably know that he is a resource investor. He was actually recommending Gold and Silver royalties, in 2010, with a rational connection to Mainz.

It seems he has moved away from gold and silver to Gas and Oil royalties now. What Badiali is teasing us with this time around?

Well, he has an assortment of royalty investors or royalty trusts, up his sleeve that are creating or buying royalties. When you buy them you are essentially, buying some part of their portfolios as well as their management’s abilities to keep managing that portfolio of passive assets.

This is a re post of a review I had done back in August 2012; I had accidentally deleted this. Since I had many of my readers asking for a re post, I found this in my backup trove well, fortunately.

Update: Nov 6 2013

Quite apparently they are re-running the ad campaign; the basic lingo has remained consistent with polarizing political figures and ‘The Mainz Income secrets’ it has got pretty boring now.

Royalties are a great way to make an enduring income from an idea or asset, in the case of an author, by way of your earnings on the book sales. If you are a landowner you could make a windfall in royalties on the oil or gas or gold that emanates from your property.

But as a small equity investor, it’s not the same there are royalty investors in several other businesses. When you buy into a royalty stream what you’re effectively doing is investing to own a piece of that royalty.

One such business model is SandRidge Mississippian Trusts, though they have been great, there are a lot of other examples along the way, with stories and appraisals from people who’ve made enormous gains from these Mainz Income secrets.

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12 thoughts on “Revealed ‘Mainz Income Stream’ is not a secret anymore.

  1. Tarence Wade

    It’s hard work and takes a lot of time. Passive is something different. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. It really helps me.

  2. Tom T.

    Permian Basin oil & Gas. Tracking started on our property with experimental horizontal drilling with CO2 for breaking up formations to release gas. Almost magical how some CO2 will work and not damage fresh water supply.

    My take on Mainz income stream is it is not available to 99.9999% of US Citizens.

    Thanks for your continued research .

  3. K

    Just want to know what people think here, since I know next to nothing about it.

    1. Edgar

      In that case stay away from this place this is a would-be loser’s home.

  4. John

    Secret Mainz Income STREAM, enticing you for a passive income from your royalties, this is kind of bait and switch offer from the Stansberry stable.

    If you subscribe to this you get more of their expensive newsletter offerings where the precisely tell you about what royalty trusts they are peddling, do your own research before getting into any of them but don’t expect huge passive income.

    1. Anum Post author

      This time they are touting the SandRidge Mississippian Trusts quite obviously they are cheap because there are concerns related to production and distributions. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth but do your own research that’s the key.

      I’m no expert on this, but positively look for investing in oil royalties or research royalty trusts, and specifically look for production levels, drilling commitments dissolution dates, that’s where the money is.

    2. Edison N

      If you can’t summarize the message in three clear sentences, there is nothing there.


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