Why Invest in 3D printer stocks?

By | September 25, 2013

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As Personal Computers gained main stream applications with the use of spread sheets, the connection for 3D printers is long-winded with 3D printers finding multiple uses across industries and products.

With City Bank Analyst Kenneth Wong’s insights on the 3D printer manufacturers, 3D systems and Stratasys have surged quite a bit. For the 3D printer market to triple in size 3D printers need to become cheaper, and they need to find a way to integrate into the average consumers lives.

Owing to the recent developments in this sector things are already happening and hot.  However average consumers do not 3D print food, bones, or tooth at home.

Quite strangely the two companies covered by Wong sell their printers to industrial consumers who are corporations and big businesses; it’s quite evident that Mr. Wong is seeing a B to B opportunity here.

Mr. Wong’s assertion that the market will triple is in perfect sync with the historical growth in this sector, and this has happened without any media hype for this sector.

However tripling the market is a big promise, to keep the prophecy alive. I do agree that there are problems to overcome before that to happen. There are many big companies that do not use prototypes they still discuss drawings and screens in their R & D processes.

The Desk Top Printer dream may be hype or irrelevant in the time to come, but 3D printing is a very big B to B opportunity as per Wong’s forecasts. At the same time I differ to say that these concerns will retard historical growth.

In conclusion I would say that these four sectors aerospace, health, printed electronics, and consumer applications, present sufficient opportunity to sustain a 30% growth in this sector, boosted by technology’s transition from prototyping to end use parts.

Do you also see an investment opportunity in the 3D printing sector? Use the list below as a starting point for your own analysis. So here is the list, it’s out of the preview of this article to discuss the intricacies of these plays.

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I have just included the stock names, and its tickers do your own analysis and update us through the comment box below, if you find something worth sharing about these plays.
1.    3D Systems (NYSE: DDD)
2.    Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO)
3.    Sweden-based Arcam
4.    Hewlett-Packard Company.

In conclusion, I am of the belief that 3D printing market could see wider adoption across more production applications, and consumer end market, a sustaining trend that could well fill or even out pace Kenneth Wong’s forecasts.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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