Warren Buffets Top Oil Drilling Stocks

By | August 30, 2013

The Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet has increased his Suncor Energy’s and National Oil Well Varco (NOV) stakes by leaps and bounds. In the three months ending June 30, Berkshire (BRK.B) let go all of its stake in Intel and most of the Johnson & Johnson stock.

And bought 2.8 million shares in National Oil well Varco and 27 million shares in Phillips 66, what it means for you. I am of the belief that this could be a trigger signal for the oil investor and a major push to the oil drilling stocks as this sector presents substantial value now.

Mr. Buffet is known to be a value investor, so also the impetus laid by Todd Combs and Ted Weschler to Varco’s fortunes, have made quite an impact. As Berkshire’s investments are faithfully trailed by investors, because of its track record.

And this quite obviously, is like an alarm clock going off, that makes oil drilling stocks a happening place to be in, as we have a new sheriff in town.

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Quite obviously, Mr. Buffet is dumping his other holdings, for stakes into the oil drilling sector. And also the newsletter hawkers don’t want to be left behind, they have jumped the bandwagon with teasers like “OPECs worst nightmare” and “Warren Buffets New Toy” peddling their own assortment of oil drilling stocks.

This indicates a clear shift in trend and an impeccable case for the small investor to join the energy bandwagon. Is it the right time now to follow Mr. Buffet or is it too late now.

Let us have a sneak peek into some of Berkshire’s top oil stock holdings shall we?

  1. Suncor Energy (NYSE: SU). Shares rising sharply in recent months.
  2. National Oil Well Varco (NOV).
  3. Phillips 66 is a holding company, formed when ConocoPhillips spun off, its assets into a new company.

If this doesn’t finally convince you to buy into this sector, nothing will. Should you follow Warren Buffett into this Energy Megatrend what’s your call?
Let us know, if you have something else in mind by dropping a few lines in the comments box below.

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Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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3 thoughts on “Warren Buffets Top Oil Drilling Stocks

  1. Mark

    The Motley Fools have hyped National Oil Well Varco (NOV) several times now and I am not at all excited about this sales push emanating from the foolish desk as they have admitted that they are doing this the fourth time. If that’s not old news I don’t know what is.
    The scenario right now, is the Big Money banks have an authorization to keep commodity prices low in order to ease the Feds pushing dollars into the US economy while preventing an apparent inflation. Once the Fed’s current policy game is over inflation takes off that means the Big Money banks have to stop feeding at the Fed’s free money.

  2. J. David

    If the market is moving towards the oil drilling sector, why are shares of Transocean dipping lower and lower each week? Curious to hear your insight. Enjoying the blog so far, keep it up.


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