Revealed the Motley Fools ‘Project Purple’ Wearable Computing stock

By | August 22, 2013

The Motley Fool folks have started inundating mail boxes with a new tease, they are calling it ‘Project Purple’, this time around it is for a stock according to them will lead the “electronic gadgets screen scenario”, a promo email that teases a “Project Purple” stock.

You might be knowing it’s about the most recent explosion of TV’s and gadget screens in our lives, and the implausible advances made by this secret company (not at all a secret anymore). It sounds strange but the undertone is about a fortune stock that’s waiting to unleash big profits for you, well I fervently hope.

So lets us untangle what the Motley Fool’s ‘Project Purple’ teaser has in it for you, but before that, some excerpts from the promo email.

“It’s an unstoppable technological shift that started with those gadgets at your kitchen table…
“But by the time it’s over, it will have spread to your garage… and your kitchen… and your office… and even your bedroom!

Just head to the United States Patent Office and check for US patents 20130044215… Or US 20130044042…  Or US 20030018703…
“You’ll quickly find that those patent applications are proof that the way we live — the way we interact with the physical world around us — is about to undergo a radical transformation.

So yes, if you look up the patent numbers, you could very well comprehend they are all about the technologies at work behind the smart appliances, that have amassed around us in the last two decades.

And growing by the minute, even while you are reading this, in case if you’re interested in reading about them, here’s what I found…

  1. Google Patent for Wearable device with input and output structures, and
  2. Bi-stable spring with flexible display US 20130044215 A1
  3. Smart appliance network system and communication protocol

Quite obviously the patents discussed here point to the fact, they are babbling about the next big trend in consumer electronics “Wearable Computing Electronic Devices”.

Yet the moot point! What is the company behind these, that Motley Fool is obfuscating in their “Project Purple” teaser, that is on track to provide you a 1,000% gain.

Well as usual with the Foolies their big trait is, brag about a technology and promote the stocks that are ancillary units to companies that have embraced the technology. It could be any ones clever guess, it’s not a smart phone or smart fridge maker, but a supplier to the “screens” industry.

I must tell you a little more about it, yes they are indeed a dominant player in the global advanced ceramics and glass businesses; they had a wonderful run in the dot-com boom, that was fueled by their fiber-optic endeavors.

Ah Wait! before I actually let the cat out of the bag, let us ponder over some of the sizzling Foolish verses, and concerns about this teaser ad’s promises.

Here’s the big tip-off

By the winter of 2005, the chief executive of Apple was ready to change the world. Again.
His top-secret undertaking, code-named “Project Purple,” had yielded a product that he would later describe as “a way of life.” It had all the right elements…
But the year before it hit shelves, the iPhone was still missing one thing… It was a special material that Jobs couldn’t live without. A material that would give his product a delicate, premium feel… but also a hard, durable exterior.

This most certainly hints an apple connection for this Motley Fool teaser ad, and in comes Willow Glass, yes, “Project Purple” was Apple’s internal code for the marvelous i Phone.

Willow Glass by the way is a thin, flexible glass that can be produced in rolls and works well with curved surfaces on electronic gadgets— so it seems folks at Motley Fool have been guessing that Willow Glass will be a big hit in wearable computing devices.

And quite possibly the I Watch from Apple, is scheduled for release this year. OK I will share the  details on the specifics, of this stock and its ticker here.

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