Best Cloud Computing Stocks worth looking at in 2013

By | January 8, 2013

There is nothing like the pleasurable orgasm, of a rising portfolio graph, and nothing like the frenzy of a slumping portfolio.

The protagonists (including myself) of the Cloud Computing claim that software as a service (SaaS) and IT as service, lets businesses, the potential to reduce IT operational costs by subcontracting most of all the software and hardware maintenance and support to the Cloud Provider.

This enables businesses to reallocate IT operations spending, to meet other important goals.

Moreover, when the applications are hosted centrally, updates can be taken up without the need for the users to install new software all over again. And this set-up has resulted in a very rapid depletion of network resources, furthermore driven by ever increasing use of tablet computers and smart phones.

This includes but not limited to data center consolidation and virtualization. I think it’s going to change the fundamental long-term trend of Global IT operations. So, yes, I’m an optimist, and take this as a Great Wake-Up Call.

I will tell you what I know and you can make your choices, stick with me a little longer I will let you in, here are some well-known and not so well-known Cloud Computing stocks exploiting various niches.

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San Jose based Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is in the race for market domination in Cloud Computing and wireless network optimization. Having a $100 billion plus market cap, Cisco has caught attention of some of the Biggest Funds.

With 5% of their 13F portfolio in Cisco, with its ingenuity to focus on data storage partnerships. The cloud computing leader is expected to grow EPS by 8% this year. Cisco’s UCS servers, dramatically reduce the number of devices an organization must purchase, to deploy, and maintain.

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), with an obfuscated U.S. and European outlook, is expected to grow revenues by 20%. Though the stock is down 25% the 2 quarter guidance has a positive outlook, that is showing up on the charts as well. F5 delivers world-class performance, security, and cloud solutions for Amazon Web Services.


Founded by a former Oracle executive Marc Benioff in 1999, Sales force (CRM) is an Enterprise Cloud Computing company. That is into providing businesses software on a subscription basis. This cloud computing company is a leader in on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Through its innovative AppExchange directory of on-demand applications. And it’s “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) API for extending Salesforce.

There are undeniably Cloud Computing Companies at the forefront of innovation that adopt new technologies. VMware (NYSE: VMW) is another aggressive name in this space. The VMware® vSphere™ portfolio is the most adopted, and most feature-rich cloud infrastructure available on the market today.

Citrix Systems (NASDAQ: CTXS GoToAssist delivers easy-to-use cloud-based solutions that assist administrations of all sizes to support employees, and customers. Built explicitly for consultants, IT managers, and service providers, that enables multi-agent support administrations to resolve their customers’ technical issues.

Through its 3 vital IT tools in one integrated platform: service desk management, IT monitoring and remote support.

Motley Fools Cloud Computing Stocks

Motley Fool is calling Cloud Computing The “Death of Microsoft” Whadya Say?

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You must be thinking another day and another over the top idea but you are adults. it’s how you look at your portfolio 50 weeks from now, that is important.

It’s something you must ponder over, the imminent drift is upon us, and will drive shares in the cloud computing arena. Players operating in the wireless network optimization and the cloud space will flare up substantially. It seems that several funds, even while I am writing this, are initiating  steps into this space, while provisioning for an impending future shift in enterprise technology.

Investing in the Clouds the larger aspect…

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