What the heck is Google’s Television 2.0?

By | October 16, 2012

Google’s Television 2.0 and Google Fiber are worth the hype and the price...What Do Ya Think?

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Google is calling it ‘Television 2.0’ —  and The $2.2 Trillion War for your Living Room.

Quite an interesting sales push, rippling from the Motley Fools Desk. On a sarcastic note they call it ‘The Death of Television’! As you move further on with the insistent sales blather they change track, and christen it as rebirth of TV.

Google’s Television 2.0 a fully interactive TV, a TV that is supposed to bridge the gap between a streaming cable TV, and Internet Content for the user. Google’s Television 2.0 improves the TV experience and marries itself with the Internet.

Could this be a reality one day? Yes but this depends entirely on Google Fiber yet a conceptual stage IDEA, an idea that is still living in the labs. An Internet connection with access speeds around 1 gigabyte per second, 100 times faster than, what most Americans have in their homes today.

My guess is ‘Google Fiber’ is just an effort to push for better data service, by BUYING up unused fiber optic cable bandwidth and offering a bundle of TV/ Data/ Phone at a set price to its users— it’s very much a TEST so far. I don’t think Google has any plans in the near future to pour trillions of dollars to wire up the entire country any time soon.

Google Fiber seems to be scaring cable companies with their nationwide roll-out plans, to improve connection speeds.

The most apparent Stocks Motley Fool is peddling in this teaser

The bad news about Google Fiber is… the bandwidth could slow down for some customers in theory as the service becomes popular because Google seems to be using a gigabit PON.

At its core Google’s Television 2.0 is built on Android 3.1, and it is all about serving more content to the viewer. And there are other issues as well, the content as of now is mainly from YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix, especially Comedy Central, ESPN, Disney and other top channels such as HBO are missing.

Google’s own doctrine ‘Content is the King’ … Where is the King! I am not a Google critic however. I am of the belief that…

If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.
– Albert Einstein

Remember Google’s Television 1.0 was mishmash and it’s quite obvious that Google engineers have paid close attention to past anomalies of version 1.0, and most of the functions and design elements missing in the past are included.

On an end note I am not among naysayers.

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2 thoughts on “What the heck is Google’s Television 2.0?

  1. Brian

    Google Fiber isn’t just something that lives in the lab. It’s being rolled out now.

    1. Anum Post author

      Yes it is the clouds are clearing now for good of course but not without hiccups it is surrounded with legal concerns while FCC has asked Google to explain…@ issue is Google’s TOS which prohibits users attaching servers to its networks, Google wants to ban servers connecting to its networks as it has plans in place to come up with a business class offering in future.


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