What are the Motley Fools Television 2.0 stocks.

By | October 17, 2012

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The questions have been rolling across our domain about the Motley Fools Television 2.0 stocks – So what are the stocks they have been pushing in their $2.2 Trillion War for your Living Room ad?

I’ll come straight to the point…

Motley Fool through a very hyperbolic sales babble, have wedged the most debatable point here “Content is the King” so… who are the content providers in this brainteaser… and touting the stocks, according to them would be the winners in the race.

Yes they are essentially the Media Companies who own TV shows and get them to you some clues please…

Company A is an $89 billion powerhouse that owns more than 100 global television networks, plus 7 movie studios, 4 video game companies, and hundreds of websites.

This necessarily is Disney (DIS) — you know that Disney (DIS) is an entertainment and content powerhouse as well as a travel and technology company, owning big brands like ABC and ESPN.

Google’s Television 2.0 and Google Fiber are worth the hype and the price...What Do Ya Think?

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Company B rose from the ashes of a declining newspaper empire. Now it’s cultivating a niche TV audience that’s especially attractive to advertisers.

This is Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI), that owns, the Food Network, HGTV, the Travel Channel, etc. Scripps did in fact start as a newspaper company.

Company C didn’t make IBD’s list…because it isn’t really an entertainment company.

This must be Discovery Communications unquestionably, as they call themselves “The World’s #1 Nonfiction Media Company” who own Discovery Channel, TLC, The Oprah Network, etc.

I am apprehensive about the picks though…

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

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18 thoughts on “What are the Motley Fools Television 2.0 stocks.

    1. Bobby

      I agree it may be a short sell on a lot of this stuff. I am not suggesting that most of this stuff is free if you spend a little time looking around, but it is.

      So what is king BANDWIDTH. The guy that puts a gig at my doorstep, is king, I will do the rest. That is why I think Google Fiber may be for real…but what about the guy that puts it at your door step with the existing infrastructure. He is gotta be king. I don’t know who that is but I know it has been looked at real hard for the past 20 years.

      How about pyramid power and tensor fields. Or Quantum computing and encryption, where everything is for the sharing and the not so sharing virtual freedom.

  1. wolverine06

    July 20, 2015

    I subjected myself to this 46 minute come on sales pitch. Like most everyone else here, found this site by doing a web search on the clues. Co A: Disney/ Marvel/ Warner Bros Entertainment/ Lionsgate Media.

    Last thoughts. How do most people get internet service? Through cable and satellite service providers. A smaller number through DSL. I don’t see how this is truly “cutting the cord”. The real internet and computer revolution will begin when the technology is developed to effectively mass produce graphene semi-conductors.

    1. Anonymous

      Agree…what to watch is what big brother decides with it’s net neutrality rulings. Cable companies – ie. where you get your internet from – will be just fine if ‘content providers’ can’t use the hardware built by the cable company

    2. Ian Ashton

      You are right! I tried to watch a sports game on Fox To Go but had to change the email to mine when the site did a “provider” check! Sorry to hear about the 46 minutes of “I’ll tell you in a minute!”

  2. Anonymous

    Their investing information MAY be good, but their Marketing skills SUCK. First off, they LIED; they led me to believe that I would learn these 3 SPECIAL names in around three and a half minutes. 46 minutes later, I find that it is a SALES
    PITCH that is TWO YEARS OLD, with the caveat to hurry as this is a limited time offer. The Gardner boys are very well to do, indeed, and if a lot of people fall for their SCAMS, they will be richer still. I’d almost bet that 80% of the people viewing their INFOMERCIAL opted out long before the ending; way too long, too much unnecessary fluff, and the lies.

  3. Ken H

    I am not sure which stocks to go with – but they are right that its coming. I am one of the cord cutters sick of paying well over $200/mo for Comcast cable – even at age 45. I use Hulu plus + CBS.com’s website, netflix, Amazon Prime, an Apple TV for the living room TV and Kindle Fire TV for the kids TV. The most expensive part of the new setup is paying the cable company for high speed internet access. Even though my internet bill ranges from $40-$100/mo based on usage, I am still saving between $80-$150+/mo all total and I love it.
    – That said, there is one weak link stopping everyone from doing what I am doing [imo], that is the high speed internet access. Once someone can reliably offer unlimited data at 30-60+ mbps bandwidth for under $30/month the industry will transform.

  4. jeremy

    Much like most of you i found the Motley Fool clip as I was looking for something through a software site. I watched it and it sparked some interest. I took the clues and found this page 🙂
    Disney I can see but I also found Warner Bros. as well. I am happy to see others took the clues and did the research. Happy investing!

  5. Jon

    this is still up as of December 10, 2015. Somehow I got this playing on my computer. Motley Fool? … if you ask me.

  6. Cleo

    I just saw this 46-minute commercial today, Nov. 10, 2014, for the first time. Googling a key phrase brought me to this page, which I see was written two years ago.

    So, it’s interesting that Motley Fool is running the same promo as two years ago…with the copywriting including things akin to “hurry, before it’s gone”–typical of all other scams since the day of the Medicine Shows and used regularly on late-night infomercials.

    This video stinks of a scam, and has turned me off of Motley Fool, a company I used to think was honorable.

    1. Corrie

      I just watched the motley fool presentation .. 12/26/2014 . I took the “hints” that they gave about Company A Company B Company C and googled a set of particulars they gave. I was brought right to this page as the first google search result. 🙂
      Why would I pay for that information from two years ago ?

      1. Ray

        I just saw this video today (1/2/2015). Frustrating that I had to watch 40 minutes to find out it was more than 2 years old. That said.

        Disney – since the video has risen from about $50 per share to $93.
        Scripps – from a low of $57 at the time of this recording to a high of $85 (now $76)
        Discovery – about $34 at time of this recording to high of $46 and now back down to about $34.

  7. Biff T Rambler

    Yes streaming direct content is where it’s going. But what nobody mentions is the cell-phone companies and their improved data services.. Up to 10Mb per sec download. NO WIRES NEEDED people. Just remote activation of a wireless hub.

    Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobil, Sprint et al.

    Hmm.. Google might want to buy Verizon….

  8. dosmastr



    “Ill tell you in 3 and a half minutes”

    Seriously, whats in it for them to make a year long video with 30 seconds of actual information? Other than driving up their web hosting costs what does it profit them?? I REALLY AM CURIOUS!

    1. Anum Post author

      By all means it profits them, the long winded videos are meant to fascinate you to subscribe to the newsletter they are peddling. That’s what copy-writing is.

  9. anon

    Disney probably will a winner down the road–don’t bet against the Mouse!~–what’s interesting though is Google’s big splash into Kansas City Tv market–wow! They know how to market a product–Knoxville,Tn is in the running for Google fiber–I’m close to that area. Studying “Dark Fibre” is really interesting WoW! the world is getting complicated?

  10. Terry Reiterman

    Apple T.V is also really interesting
    What a battle is forming between Apple and Google
    I sold Apple at 130.00 thought I was a genius! My son held on thru the ups and downs–he was out to sea for 6 months–not even a sell stop?

    Goota run my wife is going crazy about squirrels taking over her bird feeders


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