What the Heck is a Blood Vessel Battery.

By | October 11, 2012

What the Heck is a Blood Vessel Battery that gets charged up within a minute?

A Blood Vessel Battery that can be charged within a minute…

This is the opening spiel from Dr. Alex Cowie, touting for his Diggers and Drillers newsletter, Well basically this is a sales pitch about a kind of a “blood vessel battery” that gets charged up within a minute… is it  possible to bring down a normal 20+ hour charge time for a battery to less than a minute?

Or is Alex Cowie just stargazing, for this happens to be a sales tout rather than a technology discussion, for his own Diggers and Drillers newsletter. That said, you could almost certainly guess that he’s not blathering the actual science behind this technology, but the commodities and the ancillary units that make the technology possible … and the miners who according to him could make you rich investing in.

Now, since this has been recognized, the technology that could make this happen, is still in a very nascent stage, why he calls it the Blood Vessel Battery and the point is … what are the stocks?

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 Blood Vessel Battery most likely stocks teased

Discussing the technology part of the tease I am a technology geek though, what I am made to believe is… a Korean scientist Professor Cho, seem to have worked out a way to reduce the resistance inside the battery, by soaking lithium in a solution containing graphite.

The graphite then turns into a web of superconductors that all start charging at once effectively making the battery charge faster. Basically he is touting the miners that according to him will greatly benefit from this Graphite Application…

A faster charging battery in theory is a great idea to begin with, but still you won’t be able to get around the fact that those li-ion battery packs that get charged up within a minute by the Korean method might be incredibly expensive.

Professor Cho relates these super-conductors to BLOOD VESSELS and hence the epithet ‘Blood Vessel Battery’ reminds me of  the Forever Battery tease by Tim Fields touting for the mPhase’s shunned stock.

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