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By | October 26, 2012

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Zeroing on the stocks lets interpret the cues first…

Researchers in Austria just used it to create a fully detailed automobile the size of a grain of sand.

While this one hint right away landed me on to their much cherished ‘3D printing Technology arena’ Motley Fool have pioneered in overwhelmingly touting for the ‘3D printing Technology arena’ stocks lately, calling it the end of ‘Made in China’ era also.

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Some more clues here,

Reported an impressive 71% increase in its already-healthy profits.

  • While this statistic precisely matches up with 3D Systems (DDD) with their (Over Hyped) printing devices such as Cube printers that find wide acceptance in product prototyping and real manufacturing as well, however apprehensions for the stock to keep up its gains stay, about the jump in revenues and earnings sustainability, even though they have been around for  some time.
  • Organovo with its 3-D tissue fabrication technology is pioneer in this arena, which works across multiple tissue types, laying for, placement of cells in any pattern. Organovo’s NovoGen bioprinters are shared with commercial and academic researchers at present, but they are focused on multi-billion market for drug testing. National Institutes of Health for research awarded a grant to Organovo for production of liver tissues that can be used in drug toxicity testing.

Who according to you is the Best 3D Printing Company.

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More on 3D Printing Stocks…

What amuses me most about the fledgling 3D printer industry is the presence of rival business models similar to Google’s (GOOG) Android mobile platform against Apple’s (AAPL) iOS. And a community of folks sharing their, ‘things’ for free.

MakerBot has free software ‘Thingiverse’ that can be used in conjunction with its printers, similar to the Google Play store, at the same time as the 3D Systems website Cubify features software perhaps with better designs, but for a price.

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  1. Jerome Grey

    How can I buy stocks 3D Printer Stocks, and how much. I’m new and I would like to start a portfolio.


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