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By | October 11, 2012

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And now the most likely stocks  touted in this tease,

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  1.  Orocobre ORE in Australia.
  2. ORL in Canada.
  3. OROCF is a pink sheets candidate, trading in the neighborhood of $2 a share and is planning to start construction of their Olaroz lithium brine operation in Argentina.
  4. Syrah Resources SYR in Australia. has had a spectacular year on the back of their graphite discoveries in Mozambique —
  5. ENERGIZER Resources EGZ

After digging through more of these I figured out that,  STRATEGIC ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED (SER) is another likely beneficiary of the Graphene waves don’t miss out looking at.

A battery that could charge in a minute!

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The Korean method that could make this delusion a “120 times faster charging battery” happen! In a snap shot reference this is, the process that gets the cathode material — standard lithium manganese oxide (LMO)  — immerse it in a solution that contains graphite.

By carbonizing the soaked-graphite LMO, the graphite turns into an impenetrable network of conductive traces that run through the cathode. The new cathode is then packaged, through an electrolyte and graphite anode, to create the faster-charging li-ion battery.

Other factors, such as the battery’s energy density and cycle life remain unchanged.

The networks of carbonized graphite created by this process basically function as blood vessels. Hence the epithet ‘Blood Vessel Battery’ that allows nearly the whole of the battery to recharge at the same time, speeding up the charge time up by120 times.

On an end note I am OK with, over hyped teasers after all the hype that comes with it is what catches your attention and make you read and listen to the presentations that bring, carefully researched recommendations.

It is a game and only half-serious, although it is hard to tell who actually has something REAL to offer, something that can truly make good on all its promises.

Disclosure: I don’t have any positions in any stocks mentioned herein, and no plans to initiate any in the near future as well.

(Stocks excerpted from the Gumshoe website).

I always welcome any corrective suggestions to improve this review, simply click ‘Suggest Corrections’ to hook up with me, I promise to update any suggestions accordingly.


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