Deciphering the Motley Fool Unmistakable Signal

By | October 26, 2012

Let us begin with quotes from the famed teaser.

And the signal just started flashing AGAIN In fact, by my calculations only 1 out of 1000 American investors know anything about this “unmistakable signal.”

This is quite fascinating and in fact you covet to be the one among 1000 investors who were smart enough to apprehend this unmistakable signal.

Investors who ended up making an average return of 140% consistently for more than ten years, and it’s intrinsically appealing too, that you have your co-workers and friends, drooling and pleading for investment advice.

Because they’d know you were early on to the party on life-changing investment opportunities like these. This definitely is alluring music and a pleasant way to get you betrothed to their ad campaign,

This! “Unmistakable signal” Just started flashing for only the 23rd time since I’ve been tracking it…

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This is the 23rd time to be precise Huh!

It’s obviously appealing and I cannot afford to drift my eyes from a headline such as this one, and I expedited to figure out the signal… the ‘unmistakable signal’.

I have always been a critic of these newsletter ad writers for the reason that they create an aura by juggling with words without ever revealing anything except for, an end note to subscribe and pay up. By using the most alluring expressions such as ‘unmistakable signal’, secret, hidden, and more of such blubber’.

I scrolled down their 6000 word teaser ad and found nothing of the bizarre expression…

If you are on this page whilst you were Googling on for the Motley Fools ‘unmistakable signal’ you will be saddened to know that, there is no such secret hidden signal ever, that is flashing the 23rd time.

All my attempts to figure out the statistic behind the numbers were futile, I believe it was just a sugary endeavor by Motley Fools to tempt you into subscribing to their flagship newsletter Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

In core, what I understand from the expression is they’re trying to tell you that Tom and David Gardner are re-recommending some stock that is due for a giant stride again.

And the stock has done exceptionally well every time Tom and David Gardner have re-recommended a stock and, that in itself is the ‘unmistakable signal’, which is backed with plenty of instances apparently.

He isn’t issuing this ‘ultimate vote of confidence’ because the stock has seen a temporary pullback in price that represents a short-term misvaluation.

The stock he has been peddling in this ad has retracted temporarily and that’s why the mute warning with abstinence about this ‘unmistakable signal’ as well.

Getting back to the reason I’m writing this today…

You want to know the ‘unmistakable signal‘ stocks   he is touting for or (re-recommending) all along in this teaser ad…

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One thought on “Deciphering the Motley Fool Unmistakable Signal

  1. Hank Sullivan

    It’s easy to learn to hate Motley Fool. Just read one or two if their pieces.


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