A.O.P. Acronym for American Oil Pensions.

By | October 18, 2012

The Little-Known Investment That’s Outperforming, Everything

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Owing to the success and sensation this intriguing sales pitch had created back in 2007, Stansberry’s  Dan Ferris is back, with vigor a renewed version of this teaser ad for his 12 % letter.

What is an AOP (American Oil Pensions)?

Well, A.O.P. acronym for American Oil Pensions is just an epithet coined by Stansberry, there is no such specific investment vehicle by that name. And it seems Stansberry’s have conceived this to peddle their own version of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

MLPs (by the way) are tax advantaged investment vehicles originally created into law under Ronald Reagan in the mid-1980s. I am sure most of you have heard of MLPs in the recent past, with Jim Nelson hyping the 10-86 plan teaser ads.

MLPs are built-in tax deferred instruments with a high dividend yield, normally in the range of 5-10%. Investing in MLP’s is a nice way to make money from a prudent investors viewpoint, as these, have significantly outperformed the market not just in the last five or six years, but 10 or 15 years in a stretch.

The investing logic that is at work behind the Stansberry’s ad ‘AOP’ or (American Oil Pensions)  is you are buying into the essential infrastructure companies, like oil and gas utilities. For the broader economy, that needs easy access to gas and oil perpetually. Dan Ferris is trying to convince us about some catalyst— that might be untapped.

As the big industrial revival of the USA, relishing through by cheap energy boom, mainly cheap natural gas. As the US of A,  works with immeasurable new supply streams, accessed through new discoveries in its Oil and Gas rich states.

And also with innovations in horizontal drilling and hydro-fracking  in recent years. Yes of course there is a promise of huge income investing in MLPs, but which are the ones Dan Ferris is touting for (MLP’s or A.O.P’s to be precise)?

This time around he seems to have some new stock picks with this teaser ad what are they?

Enough! The American Oil Pensions Stocks… Please?

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