3D printers could end the ‘Made-In-China’ era

By | August 26, 2012

Can We Say Goodbye to 'Made-In-China' With 3 D Printing Technology

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Yet another sales pitch from the Motley Fools flagship newsletter Motley Fool Stock Advisor…

What do telephones, airplanes, and light bulbs all have in common? At one point in time, technology skeptics thought these inventions would never make any money – that they were big ideas with no practical purpose.

Well the central IDEA in this sales pitch goes something like this…

Build an entire house in 20 hours with no boards, nails, or drywall
Make a fully-detailed race car the size of a grain of sand
Perform an organ transplant surgery with no need for a donor..

You know, I am scared of sales pitches that have electrifying marketing focus, always with an intent to sell something in the end.

I saw an anatomically perfect human kidney spun together on a cotton candy wheel. A surgeon used it to perform a successful transplant.

This definitely is fascinating NO? the probabilities discussed with 3 D printing technology are crazy… Let us find out if this is just a hyperbole with an underlying intent to sell you a subscription to Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter. The unrelenting ad, goes on to tell you…

You’ll learn about the three visionary companies that are destroying the S&P 500, and the one man who knows exactly when and how to invest in them.

And the blabbering ends with touting for stocks according to Motley Fool will be the winners in this field and how this incredible technology will transform everything about our economy — from transportation, to health-care, to manufacturing, education, defense, and you name it… quite obviously if you want to know the stocks you have to subscribe.

Contrary to what guys at Motley Fool Stock Advisor tell you about the endless probabilities with the 3D printing, let us venture out to find its confines. And the future envisioned by Motley Fools sound like it is plucked from the Star Trek world. Printers capable of producing physical objects have been in development for a while now but the technology has its limitations.

Current 3D Printing Applications cannot be used to create final consumer products rather they are utilized for Product Prototyping Only, to create molds, that will in turn allow the production of final items, 3D molds, which then enable engineers to check the fit of different parts before they commit to costly production.

Nonetheless Future 3D Printing Applications may whether or not land up en-mass in your homes. But 3D printers remain a promising, potential, future application. Like, spare parts for all kinds of products which cannot be held as inventory stock. So also NASA has tested  3D printers on the International Space Station, and announced its requirement for a high resolution 3D printer to produce spacecraft parts during deep space missions.

To brag about printers that can handle biological materials like human kidney cells is despicable hype. These machines work well for fast prototyping and not suited for mass production yet, saying Good bye to China is an overstatement at this time.

And that’s why, at the end of this letter, after we put together the last two pieces of the 3D investing puzzle… I’m going to try to sell it to you. (I’m not really supposed to say that, but I’d rather not beat around the bush.)

Sounds as if they’re going to shift costs over to you, Well, I wouldn’t take kindly to a cigar being lit with anything…

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2 thoughts on “3D printers could end the ‘Made-In-China’ era

  1. Anaum

    I have yet to hear the 3-D printing proponents use the term from over 20 years ago when this technology was working well, making prototypes: Photolithography. However, it would be interesting to see what company they are hyping, perhaps a short idea somewhere in the future.


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