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Most of the time we’re so used to our normal, everyday way of doing things… we don’t even know there is a problem. You see, we lugged baggage, before Bernard Sadow hit upon the novel idea of making suitcases with wheels. Simply put, it was out of the box thinking and that’s what this BLOG is all about.

Before I go on allow me a brief introduction.

Hi, my name is Anum that’s because people call me by my nick name. I did my Graduation in elementary commerce with a Diploma in teaching. Well, academically not much to brag about, but right after college I got a job as a teacher.

As a teacher for almost a decade I became interested in researching finance and markets. Having had a virtuous penchant for the Internet, I started out small helping my family connections, and friends with my well researched insights on technology, stocks and sectors which has really helped them. Besides I have authored weekly columns on investing and technology, in popular business tabloids.

Instead of sharing my business acumen individually, I saw an opportunity to demonstrate how all of this intertwined could combine as an Interactive Platform for my readers. I must tell you I have no one to look out for, but the people who read my blog.

However, I’m not writing to brag. This is a truly educational blog which carries an educator’s perspectives on investing. UpsetReviews.com by the way is an experiment, an endeavor, to monetize my research and ideas.

Even though the perceptions that go here are unique, there are exceptions to it. I have used others, opinions, in some places that have entered the public domain as my source for ideas. As this BLOG is always a work in progress… I do my best to present my ideas, with a distinctive twist. In fact this should be one of the main reasons why you will love my BLOG.

I think research is the worst procrastination. I was looking for some sort of facts for my write-ups, and even before I know it, I’ve lost an entire week digging into that subject matter without a word written. Well, that pretty much tells about the thin updates. And why I am looking for folks who would like to back me with guest posts.

Email: upsetreviews@hotmail.com for guest posting, or just a few lines of appreciation in the comment box below would help me grow.


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wayne Browning

    how can i get you comments without using Facebook or any of those other sites? do you offer an email subscription

  2. Tammie Printz

    Hello, I sent a message regarding my membership, and the information on how to obtain information on internet royalties. I already have been a loyal subscriber, for quite some time. Do you offer this information to your loyal members? I may have given you my other e-mail address. I maybe began my service with you under tprintz@charter.net; however, that has its frequent flaws, so I’ve been using my new one – crosscreekcreations81@gmail.com So if you could kindly respond to my email; in response to your e-mail to me today, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you & have a great day!! Thank you.

    Tammie Printz

    1. Anum Post author

      Thanks a lot, and you know your comments keep me going…

  3. ken

    will you i know you can but will you tell me how to sign up to take advantage of internet royalties i’m a first timer older than dirt an need some extra income as it’s getting harder every day an i don’t use
    THANK you Ken

  4. Ertyu

    Hi I came across your blog while searching for comments on Nick Hodge’s ad on wireless electricity.
    I appreciate your non-hype way of conveying and reviewing recommendations, which is so refreshing after reading all those investment newsletter subscription ads.
    Keep it up!

    1. Anum Post author

      There are realities we all share. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: kindness, and appreciation.
      Many Thanks!

  5. Hector

    I want to know about “the greatest medical breakthrough” in 72 years” the crow nest called Delta-9. Could you talk about that please

  6. Anum Post author

    As we are closing in on the end of another successful year, it is indeed ending with a bang of perils, panic, and crashes in the markets; investors barely know what to do, and I am sure this blog was of a small help.

    To say the least I’ve had tremendous response to my blog and would truly like to thank all who’ve supported me in this endeavor.

    1. Safiya Post author

      Thanks! But I don’t broadcast updates to my blog; however you can follow these, by the RSS link on the top right corner of all pages.
      By the way you can bookmark this link on your Desktop too.

  7. STEVE

    I found you while searching for info about 770 accounts. I get allt he motleyfool etc emails and letters, so I appreciate your honesty and common sense approach. Your explanations really help me. thanks

  8. Matt C.

    I just came across your site as I was googling for investment research.
    Looks interesting.
    Do you have a mailing list that I could subscribe to for notification of new updates to your site ?
    Or perhaps an RSS feed ?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Matt C.

    1. Anum Post author

      Hi Matt,
      Thanks for notifying me, the RSS feeds are not WORKING. I have set things RIGHT, now you can follow my posts through RSS feeds. You can access them by the RSS Feed link to the top right corner of any page on my blog.
      Thanks Again.

  9. Janice

    Thanks for the insight!!! Enjoy your work, I just found you and will be checking in when I get “pitched”, any investment ideas in the future. Your work is appreciated.

  10. Jeff

    Thanks Anum,

    I appreciate your common sense approach and perspective on the so-called “box 8 dividends”. You are going to avert a lot of heart ache for those who listen to you.

  11. Donna Skpr

    I Appreciate your clarity.
    I must be on a sucker list, my email is bombarded with “foolproof” make-millions-on-the -Internet schemes. Have you ever investigated these? Have you ever found a legitimate one or know of anyone who has benefited from one?

    Would appreciate your reply,

    Thanking you in advance, Donna

    1. Anum

      Thanks for the comment Donna,
      You know, it’s simple logic if it sounds too good to be true it PROBABLY isn’t.


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